Senth returns with “Wayyy Saucy” EP

Date 2023-11-27

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Senth follows His 2022 Senth Of Her project with the 5-track “Wayyy Saucy” project.

There is something wholly trans-formative about Senth. Even though YBNL, the label founded by rap legend Olamide, is regularly referenced as the high temple of street pop, there was little chance that Senth (born Ernest Nwokedi Felix) was going to conform to any strict sonic typecast upon signing with the label in late 2022.

Senth Wayyy Saucy

Senth Wayyy Saucy

Dagger”, his first single under YBNL’s aegis, was a warped, futuristic interpretation of dancehall that set the pace for the textural and sonic obfuscations of his debut project, 2022’s Senth of Her . Delicately balancing his affection for a muse with lascivious desires, Senth crooned moodily about sex on “So Sweet” and imbued a call for caution on “Don’t Care” with funk sensibilities.

In the one year since Senth Of Her, he’s continued to evolve as a songwriter and musician while honing in on a vision for his exploratory sound, melding Afropop sonics with elements from neo-soul, jazz and progressive R&B. It comes to life artfully on his 2023 project, Wayyy Saucey, where he delicately shares anecdotes from his romantic history over soulful instrumentation in an abiding tribute to love. Across the five songs of Wayyy Saucey, Senth merges the gravitas of big pop hooks with an elegant songwriting style bordering on acute specificity. “Lucy” is a wistful glance back at a relationship that didn’t live up to its full potential, while “On My Mind” is a trap-influenced ode to a muse’s hold on him. Regrets are too often takeaways from past relationships and Senth guides the narrative towards some of his on “Deserve Better”, where he calls out a former lover’s new romantic interest, and infuses some of that brashness into “Bend It”.

Senth – Wayyy Saucy

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22 November 2023
5 Songs, 12 minutes
℗ 2023 Wayyy Saucy


1. Good Morning
2. Lucy
3. Bend It
4. On My Mind
5. Deserve Better

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