Victor Thompson Releases “Blessed” Album

Date 2023-12-02

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Gospel minister, Victor Thompson releases the “Blessed” album with 18 tracks, featuring Greatman Takit, Gunna, Ehis ‘D’ Greatest, Vacra, kouz1, Hungria Hip Hop.

Nigerian gospel minister Victor Thompson has unveiled his debut album titled “Blessed.” The album comprises 18 tracks and showcases the artist’s versatility and musical range.

Victor Thompson Blessed

Victor Thompson Blessed

One of the standout tracks in the album is the hit song “This Year (Blessings),” which has garnered significant success. The album includes various versions of this track, including remixes and acoustic renditions, providing listeners with a diverse and enriching musical experience.

Collaborations with other artists add depth to the album, with features from Greatman Takit, Gunna, Ehis ‘D’ Greatest, Vacra, Kouz1, and Hungria Hip Hop.

“Blessed” explores themes of faith, gratitude, and blessings, aligning with the gospel genre’s core values. Victor Thompson’s debut album is likely to resonate with fans of gospel music and those who appreciate uplifting and spiritually meaningful content.

The inclusion of various versions of “This Year (Blessings)” reflects the artist’s creative exploration and commitment to delivering his message through different musical expressions. The collaboration with a diverse range of artists adds an extra layer of richness to the overall listening experience.

As Victor Thompson takes this step in his musical journey, “Blessed” serves as a significant milestone, and the album is poised to make a positive impact in the gospel music scene.

Victor Thompson – Blessed (ft. Greatman Takit, Gunna, Ehis ‘D’ Greatest, Vacra, kouz1, Hungria Hip Hop)

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1 December 2023
18 Songs, 49 minutes
℗ 2023 NWE Worldwide


1. Stallion
2. Carry me like Baby
3. Nkosi
4. Na You
5. Halle
6. Eyes Never See
7. Light
8. Uwese (ft. Greatman Takit)
9. Grow
10. Water
11. THIS YEAR (Blessings) [ft. Ehis ‘D’ Greatest]
12. THIS YEAR (Blessings) [Remix] (ft. Gunna, Ehis ‘D’ Greatest)
13. THIS YEAR (Blessings) [ft. Ehis ‘D’ Greatest] [Extended Version]
14. THIS YEAR (Blessings) [ft. Ehis ‘D’ Greatest & Vacra] [French Remix]
15. THIS YEAR (Blessings) [ft. Ehis ‘D’ Greatest & kouz1] [North African Remix]
16. THIS YEAR (Blessings) [ft. Hungria Hip Hop & Ehis ‘D’ Greatest] [Brazilian Remix]
17. THIS YEAR (Blessings) [ft. Ehis ‘D’ Greatest] [Acoustic Version]
18. THIS YEAR (Blessings) [ft. Ehis ‘D’ Greatest] [Speed Up]

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