Black Soprano Family – Pandemic Flow (ft. Rick Hyde, Conway The Machine & Cory Gunz) (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2022-09-14

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Black Soprano Family, off Long Live DJ Shay unveil the “Pandemic Flow” featuring Rick Hyde, Conway The Machine & Cory Gunz. The new track was produced by The Alchemist.

Long Live Dj Shay

Long Live Dj Shay

Black Soprano Family – Pandemic Flow (ft. Rick Hyde, Conway The Machine & Cory Gunz) (prod. The Alchemist)

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[Intro: Rick Hyde]

[Verse 1: Rick Hyde]
Look at the flick of the wrist (Whip)
I bet you a hundred, one flick of the figure and niggas is gettin’ you clipped (Bam)
You look like a navy, you niggas is lazy
I’m goin’ so crazy, I did a one-eighty, my life is amazin’
Aside from the bullshit, I never been greater
All about green like I’m Kimbe and Tatum
I run the point like LeBron at the Staples (Check)
Whenever you need me, I’m willin’ and able
If it so happens that I ain’t on dodge
I run the pack up just to [0:26 ?] (Countin’ money)
Shoutout to Drizzy, I hope that they free him
‘Cause he was just fillin’ his bag up with pesos (Free Drizzy)
Young nigga wipin’ his nose if I say so (Brr)
I just keep pilin’ my pockets with queso (Doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot)
Just saw my homie get clipped to the Draco
He better shoot it ’cause I could’ve used it
I went from five dollars and clip for the music
Been waitin’ on fifty, like I’m in the unit (Up)
The price for the grams is like six of them twenties
Five every hour, an easy six-hundred
My cup runneth over with nothin’ but blue faces
Bitch, all them screw faces leave to assumption (Bam)
My youngin be clearin’ the scene when he dumpin’
Wearin’ the forty like Harrison Barnes (Doot, doot, doot, doot, doot)
Twenty-one shots like it just became legal
Call it the mask ’cause it send you to God
It’s crazy ’cause all of these rap niggas fraud
Subliminal shots on your video blog
That ain’t your reality, if you was to battle me, it’s a fatality, finish ’em off (Finish him)
Virgil just sent me a package from France
Givenchy and Dior, I’m throwin’ it on
D’USSE with the ace, like I’m rollin’ with Sean (Uh)
I seen like a hundred since Ricky and Fonz (Money)
VVs on my neck, Rolex on my arm
Smoke out that fifty in Florida palms (Ha)
Alchemist made me this beat with a bomb (Boom)
Choppers everywhere, I live in Sudan (Brr)
All this money, ain’t no keepin’ me calm
Turkey sandwiches with bri’ and poupon
2020, I can do what I want
Yeah, give me, finna give me it all, uh

[Interlude: Conway the Machine & Rick Hyde]
Hahaha, look
Yeah, it’s Ricky

[Verse 2: Conway the Machine]
I’ve been runnin’ this shit so long, I’ma be honest, it’s not even fair
Niggas is pussy, that side over there, so why would I care if somebody got aired? (Ha)
They switch on my pitch, I’m rich as a bitch
Knots in my pocket and knots on my hip (Uh-huh)
I got your bitch, she all on my dick
I told that ho to get out of my hair (Haha)
I’m from a city, a lot of despair
And mama love, ain’t have a dollar to spare
You gotta be careful, gotta keep one in the head
And don’t throw a shot at the air
You can not be fearful, I had the Glock on my hip
In the spot sellin’ product in there, and my eyes be tearful
Soon as I found out the news, my lil’ nigga got shot in the head, ah (That’s my dawg)
Might do they interviews (Uh-huh), but I ignore the questions (I do)
Never ignore the blessings (For real), you can’t ignore the lessons (Not at all)
I fucked the first night then I ignored the texts (Hahaha)
You gotta see the signs, bitch, you can’t ignore the message (Talk to ’em)
I made some more investments (Uh-huh)
Before I sign them deals that come across my office desk
You know us, trust come first, on some Shenoran Spesh shit (What up, family?)
You know they can’t breathe when I’m in the buildin’, that boy asbestos (Uh-huh)
You know that boy the freshest (Woo)
Know how I pop out, Bugatti skeleton, I pull the watch out (Ah)
Play the field like I’m Steph Diggs on a hot route (Ah)
I’m eatin’ baklava with this bitch I flew in from Moscow (Hahaha)
You niggas can have the game back, just not now (I got it from here)
Machine, bitch

[Verse 3: Cory Gunz]
I’m out of my llama, I’m out of my mind
Out of my debt and no matter the climb
Stack of the ladder, I’m wavin’ the wand
Abra Cadabra, you rather the chatter
I gather and spin through your block with a Saturn, it’s sadder and sadder
They call me lover then I grew to fightin’
I went up to shoot him, not much of a stabber
Not much of a looter, you just a grabber
The Ruger’s the giver, you just a haver
When my niggas rig up, your niggas rag up
I dig up a hill just for niggas to drag up
You gonna need all of your niggas
You formin’ a war with your niggas? Well, then, I’ma tag up
You want the smoke, niggas the backup
I’m the dope, niggas don’t back up
Wine teen, rusty toast, hind beam, new East Coast
Fryin’ green, smooth criminal, try lean, dyin’ breed
Cousins stove and I’ma try and breathe
Up the smoke and I’ma try and leave
Nigga better off tryin’ Biden before they ever talk tryin’ me
That effort get the letter A, you know, the ones followed by an E
I rap nice, but I can’t spell, ’cause I put the K before I-N-D
Wanna get boss, nigga line me, when the chip tossed, nigga, mind me
We’ll get Kriss Kross’d in the mix, wanna get lost, nigga, find me

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