BONES drops new “Peroxide” single (+Lyrics)

Date 2023-08-24

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American rapper, singer and songwriter, BONES drops the new “Peroxide” track which was produced by bicflame.

BONES, a highly prolific artist in the music industry, has accomplished a remarkable feat in the span of 13 years. Over the course of his career, he has released more than 70 albums and projects, along with numerous music videos. Additionally, he has completed four national tours, showcasing his dedication and work ethic.

One of BONES’ notable accomplishments was landing a significant feature credit on A$AP Rocky’s 2015 album “AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP.” The track “Canal St.” featured a beat sampled from BONES’ song “Dirt,” which appeared on his 2013 mixtape “Scumbag.” This exposure brought even more attention to BONES’ work.

BONES’ latest release, “Peroxide,” showcases his skillful delivery over a dark and cavernous production. His flows, sometimes enhanced with a whispery effect, contribute to the atmospheric quality of the track. Despite its relatively short duration of under two minutes, “Peroxide” leaves a strong impact and is likely to satisfy his fanbase.

BONES’ consistent output and unique approach to music have solidified his presence in the industry, and “Peroxide” is just another example of his dedication to his craft.

BONES – Peroxide (prod. ‎bicflame)

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22 August 2023
1 Song, 1 minute
℗ 2023 TeamSESH / EMPIRE


She fuckin’ at my beck and call, she too involved
I’m rolling down the strip, knocking pictures off the wall
These rappers like dominos, spot they ass and watch ’em fall
Bitch, my chain was made in hell, nah this ain’t from the mall
Press a button, where my roof go?
I’m seeing stars, I’m seeing aliens
Monte Carlo two-tone
Got that luggage, how I carry—TeamSESH Deadboys
Ayy, she wanna rock all my ice and chains
She wanna grip on my switchblade
Try to stop me, get the fuck out my way
Roll with my youngin, he hop out and bang
We took a life, but it wasn’t in vain
I had some pain that I had to erase
I been through shit that I had to embrace
Bitch, I been hot since Lil Wayne had the braids
Bezel, it flooded, it bust outta frame
Fuck with my brother, we bustin’ your brain
Bezel, it flooded, it bust outta frame
Fuck with my brother, we bustin’ your brain
Boots made of lizard, crocodile my interior
Livingston County legend, diamonds pure like Lake Superior
He got shook, I seen him look my way, he so inferior
Think he scary now, I promise we can make it eerier
Told that bitch she can’t get close to me, I just wanna disappear
Say she’d do the most for me, I can’t even pretend to care
If I need somebody deleted, bitch, I know who to call
In the car watch them crawl, pop, watch them fall
Anytime I’m down I take a look at my wrist (My wrist)
Anytime I’m down I take a look at my bitch (My bitch)
Anytime I’m down I take a look at my crib (My crib)
Anytime I’m down, I look at how you live, pussy (What? Yeah, yeah, ahh)

This is a certified graveyard classic


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