Kevin Gates drops video for “Rumors” track (+Lyrics)

Date 2023-08-23

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American rapper, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur, Kevin Gates unveils the music video for the new “Rumors” piece of music.

Despite not receiving the deluxe edition of his recent project “Khaza,” Kevin Gates continues to deliver a steady stream of new music, hinting at the possibility of an upcoming project in the near future. The Louisiana rapper’s prolific output suggests that fans may be in for a treat this fall.

Gates’ latest single, “Rumors,” showcases his unapologetic persona from the very start. The track addresses the various headlines and gossip that have circulated around his name, with Gates setting the record straight in his signature style. The song even cleverly samples a quote from earlier in the year, where he boldly declared his stance on certain accusations.

Throughout “Rumors,” Gates vividly recounts his experiences in the streets and in prison, giving listeners a glimpse into his life’s journey. The track also pays tribute to Gillie Da Kid’s son, Cheese, who tragically passed away recently. Gates’ ability to infuse his music with personal experiences and emotions adds depth to his storytelling.

“Rumors” joins a string of recent singles that Gates has dropped, including “I Don’t Apologize,” “3rd World Panama,” and “Do It Again.” While he hasn’t officially confirmed the release of a new project for this year, his consistent output of new music suggests that he’s keeping busy in the studio. In addition to his music endeavors, Gates has also been more visible in the public eye, participating in events like Revolt TV’s “Crew League” and engaging in friendly competitions, showcasing his versatile talents beyond just music.

Kevin Gates – Rumors

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10 August 2023
1 Song, 2 minutes
℗ 2023 Bread Winners Association

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God forgive me I’m a sinner
Lights and play reader play this contraction
Block the signal built a case for me melted but bullets did not get delivered
Face bleed my signature envelope return to summer
32 of the magazine Mac 11 I put feeling dealers bad
Polo t they was there for me i can feel it
Whole unit held nuts on me talkin’ bout me to play they bitches
Whole unit went duck on me when it’s up I’m in the trenches
Me and stroke great minded Carlo windows tinted mind your business
Winners unemployed to you, you don’t even give a mention
Keep my name in his penis seater, he must be in his feelings
Look abrasy big general reaching block to my lieutenant
Said the tone in the interview they tune in and say it’s healing
Willie cheese may a lobby please I just said a prayer for gilling
Old friend big brother snitching and he ain’t get him interested
Before you speak on me look please go fine me them two niggas find me one who stuck dicking me or the one I snuck to prison
Shell catcher smell like fingernail polish when it clap
Paramedics yes put the yellow tape around the trap when we was cheerin’
Too much cup we accidentally caught a hat
Told my uncle no more fast lane, he told me you’d be back
He told me you ain’t commit murder, lil one did that to himself
Coca Cola soda bath yoga class to make it stretch
My conscience be messin’ with me
Make me think I need some help, hmmm
Just turned on the digit in the kitchen by myself made
Stand up you ain’t got two heads under your belt and pick your pants up
Flip something in the can I know how to off the handcuffs
Calling on the booth and bought me cause I ain’t walking no cowards
Ex stop one of my partners cause he don’t keep it 1 thousand
Used to share each other clothes over products or public housing
Hardly rock with the real really solo how I be rocking
One day I pray to God to send me booku, bricks of powder taught us smart as nights as taller
Balling water I got power
Two black eyes a broken nose when I had focused
I got doubt it nowadays
For he who try and catch your mom and upside down graduated to waffle House
Back then it used to be McDonald’s
Created brick creation’s pmor cotton in polo collars
Drop the ball cap pull up park the whip pop out it monster status
Silver back you got to yard under the towers long as I’m here make sure moves your minds is still receive they flowers
After this might send a bliss go talk to God you take the shower


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