Calboy – Pushin P (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2022-01-26

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Calboy doubles up with the release of the music video for His version of Gunna’s original “Pushin P”. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Calboy Pushin P

Calboy Pushin P

We’re hardly a month into 2022 but it’s safe to say that Gunna is declaring it his year. The release of the fourth and final installment in the Drip Season series earned Gunna his latest #1 album, beating out The Weeknd in a battle of first-week sales. However, it’s the single “Pushin P” that’s taken on a life of its own. Gunna turned the phrase into a marketing slogan that everyone from iHOP to Nike has commandeered on social media.

Calboy came through this week with his take on the song with a brand new freestyle. As he did with records like “Super Gremlin” in the past, he takes the viral record and adds his melodic delivery to the mix to hold fans over until his next body of work.

Calboy – Pushin P

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Bitch, you know I’m pushin’ P
I just got another trap, it’s bussin’, we been pushin’ P’s
Everyday I’m rollin’ with my shooters, they gon’ push for me
Bend your block, we bustin’, oppas pussy, don’t get put to sleep
Hundred thousand dollars on this foreign, this bitch push with ease
They said we wasn’t on shit, bro keep switches, we gon’ push with these
Speaking on my brodie, y’all some bitches, get left in the street
Twin be off them xannies, boy, you trippin’, still stepped in the seats
Play with us, it’s damage, on my daddy, he resting in peace
Told my bitch don’t panic, If I’m blammin’, just duck in the seat
Oppas want me dead, but I’ll be damned, so I’m tuckin’ this heat
It’s off with head, he end up dead cause he fuckin’ with me
Yeah, still gotta keep it P
Niggas do it for the ‘Gram, I could eat it rare, I don’t want the seasoned beef
Bitch, I grew up seeing red, demons in my head, I can’t even sleep in peace
Steady rollin’ off the bars, streets done broke, damn near let ’em keep a piece
Sorry I ain’t tryna play, blame it on the label, I been tryna feed the streets
And then shoutout my supporter, I was on my own, niggas ain’t believe me
Double shoutout my supporter, I was on my own, niggas ain’t believe in me
I was tryna duck the pork, tryna ship a load somewhere where I need the P
Bitch, I found my purpose, whole new person when them perkys in
Double cup, it’s syrup, we ride around purging, that’s my purple friend
Me and this bitch sip syrup, but it’s a turn off if she burp again
Told her to risk her life a few times first, then I’ll buy Birkin’s then
Yeah, that’s how I keep it P
Told lil shawty I want neck and head, lil bitch just keep the teeth
Baby, I’m big homie, you get bonuses if you leave with me
Bitch, I mind my business, don’t condone it, you should keep the tea
Got two 30’s on me, I got Ken and Nolan on the seat
Praying, I don’t worry, I know my lil brodie over me
Lord, forgive me, niggas thought that they was rollin’ over me
Streets full of blood, sorry, I just got back what they owed to me

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