Capella Grey – Gyalis (Shemix) (ft. Chloe Bailey) (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2022-06-01

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Capella Grey calls on Chloe Bailey for the female remix (shemix) of the self-produced popular “Gyalis” song. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics to the song.

Capella Grey Gyalis (shemix)

Capella Grey Gyalis (shemix)

Chlöe Bailey of the talented sister-duo Halle x Chloe released a viral impromptu live performance of her singing a remix to singer-songwriter Capella Grey’s Gold-certified hit, “Gyalis” in early May.

After the video quickly garnered over 3 million views and became a viral smash, beloved fans and even celebrities like Tracee Ellis Ross, SZA, Fivio Foreign and more demanded that an official version be released.

Ahead of Capella’s upcoming Ty Dolla $ign-assisted single “OT,” the Bronx R&B sensation officially tapped the “Have Mercy” singer for the official “SHEmix,” which dropped on Monday (May 30).

The rich melodies and energetic rhythm of “Gyalis” easily made the song a summertime hit in 2021. Released through Capitol Records, the NYC vibe went viral on TikTok, and since then, went on to gain over 18.1 million streams on Spotify and reached No. 10 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

The original track speaks to Capella’s player ways as this new rendition with Chlöe explores a woman’s side in retrospect to Capella’s. Offering her own risqué bars over the instrumental that samples Juvenile’s iconic “Back That Azz Up,” she sings: “I ain’t the bi**h that you can lie to, I ain’t the bi**h you gonna cry to/ I ain’t the bi**h that you can flaunt online like you been doing right, when I know the timing you on/ Go be a Gyalis.”

Capella Grey – Gyalis (Shemix) (ft. Chloe Bailey) (prod. Capella Grey)



He told me, he out with his niggas
Mm, yeah, there it goes, another lie, I know
I could’ve had his friends
Like three-four other men, but now
I’m alone in my crib and I regret it
He’s tryna, fake like he asleep
Thought I didn’t hear him come in, please
I’m like, “Oh, nah”, he gotta go
See you again? Oh, no, baby, that’s not what I want
You gotta come correct when you next to me
You say that you can handle it, it’s hard to believe
Hear moaning on FaceTime like, “Who is these bitches? Is that your best friend that I know?”
Who you said not to worry? I don’t
I can play games if you want
Or I should just block you, ain’t nothin’ gonna stop you from fuckin’ bitches on the low
You wanting everybody else, I know
And I can’t be what you want
I just hear the same story, you can’t have me to yourself

I’ma be a, gyalis
The city is my palace, who I’ma choose?
‘Cause I want he and he and he
And they love them some me
I ain’t the bitch that you can lie to
I ain’t the bitch you gonna cry to
I ain’t the bitch that you can flaunt online like you been doing right when
I know the timing you on
Go be a gyalis

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