DaBaby – “Whole Lotta Money (Freestyle)” [Audio, Lyrics, Video]

Date 2021-08-25

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DaBaby returns with a visual for His new freestyle piece tagged, “Whole Lotta Money”, produced by Ryzy.A Beats. Get song, read the lyrics.

Dababy Whole Lotta Money

Dababy Whole Lotta Money

DaBaby – Whole Lotta Money (Freestyle) (prod. Ryzy.A Beats)

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Yeah, whole lotta niggas with Glocks and pistols (Ryzy.A on the beat)
Whole lotta hunnids in knots, they Crip blue
Niggas think I’m somewhere cryin’ with tissues
Certified, internet or not, I’ll get with you
Bulletproof on the Suburban, I’m havin’ guns with switches, tons of bitches
Really can afford to quit doin’ this shit right now
When I’m done havin’ fun, I’m chillin’
2019, I went bought a nine-acre estate
2020, made twenty-two million
Niggas gotta be kiddin’ (What you do?)
I ran laps around all of these niggas, just like Sha’Carri Richardson
The whole world watchin’, they wanna see how he gon’ figure it (Let’s go)
The Maybach chocolate, cinnamon
I’m in this bitch right now like it was [?]
These niggas must’ve forgot what they were dealin’ with
One of y’all could die right now, nigga, literally (Do)
Whole lotta money in this motherfucker, shoutout to BIA, I’m back on my be on my business (Business)
I used sneak in the club with a lil’ .22, I got in with the strap in my tennis
Eighty percent of these rap niggas bitches, so fuck what you think ’bout happened, I did it
Gon’ have to compare me to one of them niggas who ain’t never care ’bout none of these niggas (Yeah, yeah)
I know bitches with more nuts, Sandy
These niggas sweet as a bitch, no candy
Set this bitch off if you fuck with my family
Double-dare one of you niggas to touch me
Still ain’t bumped into you niggas, you’re lucky (Nah, keep goin’, nigga)
Bitch, I’m a big dog and you lil’ niggas puppies (Keep goin’, nigga)
They think I’ma fold for that motherfuckin’ money
Bitch, I’m in control of me, these niggas puppets (Oh yeah)
Broke ass nigga, too bad I’m already havin’ (Yeah)
Too bad I own all my cars and my mansions (Yeah, yeah)
Too bad I already made my investments
Cry me a river, I’m over here laughin’ (Go)
Bitch, you never met a stand up nigga?
Don’t understand me, nigga, yeah, I’m different (Yeah)
Ridin’ with the top down, chillin’
ARP ridin’ shotgun with me
Y’all out here ridin’ to them cap ass niggas
Y’all rappin’ ’bout shit, y’all not gon’ live it (Try me)
‘Bout time I catch another body
Fuck around with me, know shots come with it (Shh)
They might just hit me with the R.I.C.O
All of my friends keep it real, it’s the G-code
Fuck with the cars, make it spin until he gone
I’m in the building, [?] with a freak ho
Can’t kick this shit the way that I kick it
Take big nuts to do this shit the way I did it (Okay)
Might as well start savin’ y’all money
Y’all hatin’ ass niggas gon’ pay for this pimpin’
Pay that, until y’all do that, I lay back
I ain’t even trippin’, I’m straight, man
Nigga, you could die from the shit that you talkin’ ’bout
You gotta be careful, boy, why would you say that?
Why would you risk it? Tough ass niggas always ready to die ’bout that pride and these bitches
Like I won’t pull up with a vest, a durag, and a hat, about firin’ on niggas like 50, nigga
I’m talkin’ ’bout 2003, 2004, for this shit, nigga (Uh-huh, haha)
There’s a whole lotta money in this motherfucker
That my motherfuckin’ nigga too, man, shoutout for being a real nigga (Yeah, believe that)
Don’t you ever fuckin’ forget that, nigga (Huh?)
There’s a whole lotta money in this motherfucker (Don’t play with me)
Oh, you scared now?

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