Listen to Flo Milli’s new “B.T.W (Blow The Whistle)” song (+Lyrics)

Date 2023-07-11

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Flo Milli releases the new “B.T.W (Blow The Whistle)” track produced by Lil Jon. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the song.

Flo Milli has quickly blossomed into one of the most exciting names in hip-hop today. Overall, she is someone who has incredible flows and the charisma to match. Moreover, she picks the best production possible, and it leads to some great moments. She is someone who continues to raise her profile, and as a woman in hip-hop, she continues to grow and stand out from the crowd. Not to mention, she has a great respect for the artists who have come before her.

Recently, Flo Milli got to team up with Google Pixel, Mass Appeal, and SONY Music Entertainment’s Certified. Overall, this partnership is for Pixel RePresented, which is a new series that promotes women in hip-hop while also celebrating the genre’s 50th birthday. With this new entry into the series, Flo Milli got to give her take on Too $hort’s classic song “Blow The Whistle.” Never one to give up on a good pun, Flo Milli decided to call this new track “Flo The Whistle.”

Throughout this track, Flo Milli does a great job of keeping to the spirit of the original. Her flows and vocal inflections make the track truly stand out. Moreover, the production here is going to transport you back to 2006. This is just a really great homage to one of the greats and who better to do it than Milli? If you are a fan of Too $hort and you want to see a young artist do their best to pay homage, then check this out.

Flo Milli – B.T.W (Blow The Whistle) (prod. Lil Jon)

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7 July 2023
1 Song, 2 minutes
℗ 2023 Sony Music Entertainment


Yeah, uh

[Verse 1]
I go on and on
You bitches can’t stand how I last so long
I must’ve had super powers
Put in work, I been in the booth a thousand hours
Check his numbers, better do the math
Nigga might be homeless and you give him some ass
Jim Carrey, I can see through the mask
Ghetto angels over watching, they gon’ be on your ass
And for the last like four, five months
I been feeling like Ice, make your nigga a munch
You was never my type, can’t be seen with a slut
And your money too short, kitty won’t even come

Are you dumb?
What’s my favorite word? (Milli, bitch)
Yeah, I’m in that mode, I’m gon’ flow (Milli shit)
Better keep you a hustle, don’t stop ’til you rich
Every time I look up a new ho on my dick
Ho, it’s over, blow the whistle
He ’bout to drown in this pussy, come get him
Hello? Ho, it’s over, blow the whistle
Somebody please help this nigga

[Verse 2]
A.P. on my wrist, where you get that from?
He got ninety-nine bitches, but my ass ain’t one
I don’t trip, keep it trill, bitch, I feel like Bun
Shakin’ ass in Jamaica while he feeding me rum
Are you drunk? Why you pressing me, I’m not your lady
This nigga want me to have his baby
Chocolate bitch, M&M, Slim Shady
Sweatin’ my hair out, now my edges wavy
Double Cs, everything you see me in
Hoes think they fuckin’ with me, y’all some real comedians (Haha)
I was Double Dutchin’ that nigga
He don’t ever hit you ’cause you clutching that nigga
Damn, you be making lunch for that nigga
To me that’s a dub, make him take me to dinner
Hello? Where the reservations, daddy?
Thought he was a homebody, he popped out with a baddie
He popped out with a baddie

He ’bout to drown in this pussy, come get him
Hello? Ho, it’s over, blow the whistle

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