Asake performs “Amapiano” & “Lonely At The Top” on Vevo Ctrl’s Live Session

Date 2023-07-11

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Nigerian singer, Asake performs his trending hit songs, “Amapiano” & “Lonely At The Top” on Vevo Ctrl’s Live Session.

Asake recently showcased his musical talent on Vevo Ctrl’s Live Session, performing two of his popular tracks, “Amapiano” and “Lonely At The Top.” This platform provided him with an opportunity to captivate the audience with his captivating live performances.

During the session, Asake delivered an outstanding rendition of “Amapiano,” displaying his vocal prowess and stage presence. The track, known for its infectious Afrobeat and Amapiano fusion, was brought to life with his energetic performance and engaging delivery.

Following the captivating performance of “Amapiano,” Asake continued to impress the audience with his performance of “Lonely At The Top.” This introspective song highlights the challenges and emotions that come with success and fame. Asake’s heartfelt performance brought out the vulnerability and depth of the track, leaving a lasting impact on the viewers.

Vevo Ctrl’s Live Session provided a platform for Asake to showcase his versatility and talent as a performer. His ability to connect with the audience through his live performances further solidifies his position as an emerging artist with great potential.

Fans and music enthusiasts can watch Asake’s captivating performances of “Amapiano” and “Lonely At The Top” on Vevo Ctrl’s platform to experience the magic firsthand.

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