Flying Lotus – “Black Gold” [Audio, Lyrics]

Flying Lotus - Black Gold (ft. Thundercat) (prod. Flying Lotus)

From Netflix’s Yasuke anime is Flying Lotus’s self-produced “Black Gold” soundtrack featuring Thundercat. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download the song.

Flying Lotus Black Gold
Flying Lotus Black Gold

With Netflix set to launch the brand new original anime series Yasuke on April 29th, Flying Lotus has come through with a pair of new tracks from the soundtrack. As it happens, the Thundercat-assisted “Black Gold” is set to be the theme song, and curious listeners can check out the immersive groove right now.

Implementing reverb-drenched synthesizers and faint falsetto vocals, Thundercat’s presence is swiftly felt as the bassline enters the mix. Lyrically, Thundercat reflects on themes of love and loyalty, themes that anime fans are certainly no stranger to. “Brought in a world, a world so brand new, endless possibilities,” he signs. “A whole new identity, can’t you see? Black gold of the sun, open up your eyes, open up your eyes.” All the while, Flying Lotus’ impeccable production conjures a lush atmosphere, which in itself is sure to imbue Yasuke with a distinctive personality.

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Flying Lotus – Black Gold (ft. Thundercat) (prod. Flying Lotus)


[Verse: Thundercat]
Brought in a world
A world so brand new, endless possibilities
A whole new identity
Can’t you see? Black gold of the sun
Open up your eyes, open up your eyes
Feel the sunshine, let love in
I just wanna be where I’m supposed to be
And that’s right here with you
Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness
Because I’m strong, you see
Stronger than you’ll ever be
Loyal to the end, soomeone to call my friend
Whenever you need me, I’ll be right here
Love and loyalty, trust and honesty
I’ll never let go

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