Forjay [@forjayfortune] – Not Again Ft Yung6ix

Date 2014-04-05

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Oya get tha lyrics… N sing along


I feel the roll up end though
I’m on the beat
Turn the….turn… Turn the lights off
The volumes of the headphone up a bit
I’m gone
This is all i believe in
Never took it from a girl
I believe in
When we hack, it was all i believed in
Thought you said i was all you believed in
God damn
Can’t believe what i’m feeling
This words stay form and i’m feeling
Got a space in my heart
You could fill in
Take a touch first girl.. Fuck her feeling
Yeah cause i’m on again
Turned on again
While your presence is filling me strong
He said the song again
It’s a feeling a rythm that says what we
have is one again
Give my life to christ
But i pray to god
Make my head no ever born again
They say numbers don’t lie
They say numbers don’t lie
Girl i swear i just wished we were one
Cause we make excuses
Make love
All we don’t make is us
Cause i got you
When you got me
Baby all we aint got is us
We get naked
Get condom
See all we aint got is trust
Cause we high, we find, we
We fight then it’s right back to the source
Now we all again
Cause we get high
And fall in love again
Shit….damn it
I hear that’s one again
Ah back to new crib
And there we again
And we make love again
But i’m cool with it
As long as you cool with it
As long as you cool with it
Say i’m cool girl
As long as you cool with it
Say i’m cool girl if you cool with it
If you cool with it


But ah aint cool with it
Nah it ain’t gon work again
Not Again
Ah ain’t cool with it (uhh)
And I’ve come again
Like the light, turned on again but won’t f**k again
Lord deliver me from the liverlesness of falling in love again
Cos I’m a
Wrong soul now I need no correction
And you could feel me but keep that affection
Got special eyes on you…call that profession
And when you left you never got my permission
You should have let our conscience fight us
to be alone,you brought freedom fighters
Now I’mma drop you like I drop my cyphers
Funny how she’ll leave she wouldn’t even sigh first….uhh
If she could take me as I am,
humble as a ram
and when I make the cash then I’m gon be the man
to make my shawty mama get whatever she demands
That I told her until the day she ran
But I’m off again…damm
That emotion got fired it ain’t gon work again…uhh
And like i’m playing grandtheft girl i’m getting rough again..yea
And when I see some kush girl i’m gon puff again
With no ink you gon feel the pain…that’s one again…yeah
Then I hope she’s cool with that one mehn
It’s bossboy forjay aka rap rapper rappest on that block AkwaIbom stand up, RaffiaCity stand up, Mr.kaey wadidu mehn…ExCon B yo $_o [DOWNLOAD]

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