Jay Electronica – Ruff Sketches (Audio, Lyrics)

Jay Electronica - Ruff Sketches (prod. Jay Electronica)

releases a new piece called “”. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by Jay Electronica.

Jay Electronica Ruff Sketches
Jay Electronica Ruff Sketches

2020, as a whole, has been trash. Most can agree on that statement. Despite this, it was also a year that remained solid for fans of Jay Electronica. For over a decade, his debut album has been teased and at the top of the year, he released A Written Testimony. A body of work that comes across as a collaborative effort with Jay-Z, it received a polarizing reception from fans who expected a little more from him.

Earlier today, he released his latest offering, “Ruff Sketches,” a song that was initially supposed to be on A Written Testimony. Electronica’s poetic flow rides a percussion-less beat with a stream-of-thought delivery. “after sharing this on our discord server, the good ppl over there decided i should share it period,” he said on Instagram.

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Jay Electronica – Ruff Sketches (prod. Jay Electronica)


I never could’ve made it without the prayers of others
I never could’ve made it without the care of my mother
Never could’ve made it without my grandma Dorothy Flowers
Who read me from the “Book Of Psalms” before she tucked me in the covers
She looked me in my eyes and she cried as she made the point
Trials, they purify but they take you to your breaking point
The swift is the swift but this race is a long one
Just keep your eyes on the sparrow, you’ll be good in the long run
Now Im rolling out the carpet for the Christ on the throne coming
This ain’t “Watch The Throne,” this is more like “Watch the Homecoming”
No diss to Yeezy but I promised to my momma, I’m going Dolly with the llama if I ever make it on the TV
I emerged from the darkness like Jesus out of the tomb
My skin clothing sin like Jesus out of the womb
It took years, months and days for this wildflower to groom
My cocoon was a mix of light and dark like either sides of the moon
40 days and 40 nights like Musa and Harun
They tried to write me off like the Little Planet platoon but it only take 8 mins and 21 seconds for sunlight to consume
Now im basking in the light of all of those who came before me
And Alhamdulillah means “To GOD be the glory”
The Lord is my Sheppard , my rock and my salvation
Its just me, my universal flag and my Aziatic Nation
Bars nigga, bars nigga, bars nigga, bars
There ain’t no other click can spit their spittle next to ours
In the stone, I found the answer: earth wind and far
For this project, I dropped the Electronica, and we merged both the J’s and put a “C” after the “Y” so that the “Z” stands for CZARS
Ground control to major ton , this is message from the…MARS
Ground control to major ton , this is message from the…MARS


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