Watch the Music Video for Joell Ortiz’s “OG” song with L’Orange

Date 2023-07-09

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Joell Ortiz on the forthcoming Signature project returns with L’Orange on the 2021 “OG” song. Watch the music video, listen, stream, buy the track produced by L’Orange.

Renowned artist Joell Ortiz is set to make a remarkable return with his forthcoming Signature project, teaming up with producer L’Orange for the impactful track “OG.” The song, released in 2021, showcases the dynamic collaboration between these two talented artists. With an accompanying music video, “OG” is a must-watch, while also being available for listening, streaming, and purchase. In this blog post, we will explore the essence of this highly anticipated song and highlight the production expertise of L’Orange.

The Artists:

Joell Ortiz is an acclaimed artist known for his lyrical prowess and captivating storytelling. His forthcoming Signature project has created anticipation among fans, eagerly awaiting his new musical endeavors. Producer L’Orange is recognized for his unique approach to production, infusing his tracks with a distinct and mesmerizing sound.

The Song:

“OG” is a standout track on Joell Ortiz’s Signature project, representing his artistic vision and skill. Teaming up with L’Orange, the song is a testament to their creative synergy and shared musical vision. The track offers thought-provoking lyrics, dynamic flows, and an engaging sonic landscape.

Music Video:

Accompanying the song is a captivating music video that enhances the overall experience. The visuals bring the narrative of “OG” to life, adding depth and context to the lyrics. Joell Ortiz’s artistic expression is brilliantly portrayed, immersing viewers in the world of the song.

L’Orange’s Production:

L’Orange’s production on “OG” showcases his distinctive style and attention to detail. His ability to create atmospheric soundscapes and craft unique beats elevates the track, providing a solid foundation for Joell Ortiz’s delivery. The production reflects L’Orange’s signature sound and contributes to the overall quality of the song.


“OG” by Joell Ortiz and produced by L’Orange is available for watching, listening, streaming, and purchase on various platforms. This ensures that fans can fully engage with the song and support the artists in their creative endeavors.


Joell Ortiz’s collaboration with L’Orange on the “OG” song marks an exciting moment in the forthcoming Signature project. With its captivating music video, powerful lyrics, and L’Orange’s exceptional production, the track promises to leave a lasting impact. As fans eagerly await the release of the full project, “OG” serves as a glimpse into the artistic depth and creativity that Joell Ortiz brings to the table. So, watch the music video, listen, stream, and buy “OG” to experience the dynamic collaboration between Joell Ortiz and L’Orange on this remarkable track.

Joell Ortiz & L’Orange – OG (prod. L’Orange)

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5 July 2023
1 Songs, 3 minutes
℗ 2023 Mello Music Group

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