KAMI – Unified (ft. Joey Purp & Vic Mensa) (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2022-01-12

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KAMI marks 10-year anniversary after debut with the “Unified” track featuring Joey Purp & Vic Mensa. The new song was produced by Haze. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy, mp3 download.

Kami Unified

Kami Unified

2022 will mark the 10-year anniversary of Kami’s debut mixtape, Light but with each project and single he drops, he sounds as hungry as a freshman to the game. The Chicago MC is roughly four years removed from the release of his last studio album. Just a few days ago, he told his fans that they wouldn’t have to wait much longer for the follow-up to Just Like The Movies.

With his new project due out in March, Kami slid through this week with the release of a brand new single titled, “Unified” ft. Joey Purp and Vic Mensa. The three Chicagoans deliver a bar-heavy banger while reflecting on their city.

KAMI – Unified (ft. Joey Purp & Vic Mensa) (prod. Haze)


[Intro: Joey Purp]
Yeah, Uh

[Verse 1: Joey Purp]
Me and all my niggas unified
And I would never tell you if we do collide
But I’m tryna stack my dollars ’til they human size
Where they could get you euthanized
They give us an option and still we choose the lies
That’s cause niggas tell the truth and they get crucified
I’m loyal to my family ties
But truth be told I never dared to choosin’ sides
‘Cause I ain’t ever had a choice, ain’t get to choose the ride
The devil is a ruthless lie
Until they put me in a box in suit and tie
The shoes a nigga had to fit was super sized

[Verse 2: KAMI]
The day I stopped runnin’ up is suicide
Truthfully I walked the tainted path ’til I was utilized
Gratitude for times they lost faith and I was scrutinized
Yeah, I’m lookin’ at the facts and what they cost me
Hand speed box with my demons, I feel like Rock Lee
Drugs taken out of my system to kill a zombie
Filled the casa up with my migo but we drink Jon B now
Two-tone wristwatch, it look like Don C how
Black and white gemstones stuck to me like decals
Yeah, this life forever promised
Never God forsaken if you was ever honest
Visions of tatted teardrops that smeared on us
Promises unfulfilled, arms they bear on us

[Verse 3: VIC MENSA]
Tattooed teardrops, pack full of dead opps
Capitol headshots, I just did a TEDtalk
Think I’m wrestlin’ Jayceon, got the game in a headlock
The Pantheon, I’m with the Gods, anything that me, Purp and KAMI on
There will be blood like diamonds in Sierra Leone
Pick ’em up in a Bentley truck when my mans come home
We poppin’ Ace I got a gold bottle sponsorship
You hear me screamin’ free the guys on some Kahlo shit
I’m still under the pyramid like a pharaoh is
I die for this shit, Apollo Creed
And I’m a maroon nigga, no Adam Levine
I spit that flu, nigga this a viral disease
That’s vital and get survival when you ridin’ with thieves
I be shadowboxin’ with God, my only rival is me

[Verse 4: Joey Purp]
Me and all my niggas too in tune
You gotta be one hunnid with me through and through
Plus I’ma keep it solid if they do collude
But I seen these niggas break the rules
They gave us no option, we took it to the moon
‘Cause niggas that’s like us just wasn’t built to lose
‘Cause I’m vicious with the stick and move
They loyal and I’m loyal to my family too
We didn’t have a choice, ain’t get to pick and choose
Devil never told the truth
Until they put me in a box in tie and suit
But I plan to run it up until my time through

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