Killer Mike, EI-P – Don’t Let The Devil (ft. thankugoodsir) (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2023-05-22

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Watch the music video for Killer Mike, EI-P’s song, “Don’t Let The Devil” featuring thankugoodsir. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the track produced by No I.D., El-P & Little Shalimar.

Killer Mike has returned with a new offering from his forthcoming solo album Michael, and it features his Run The Jewels contemporary El-P.

The new gospel-infused track, titled “Don’t Let the Devil,” was produced by No I.D., El-P and Little Shalimar, and is the first offering from the RTJ pair since RTJ4 back in 2021.

“Don’t Let the Devil,” which also features thankugoodsir, arrives on Killer Mike’s 48th birthday, and the Atlanta rapper spoke about his born day in an Instagram post commemorating the new track.

“I want to time travel and tell 12-year-old #MICHAEL that he dropped a [fire emoji] song with his rap potna El-P and had some dope Nike SB collabs on his born-day, plus he had a party,” Mike wrote, referencing the duo’s Nike SB Dunk High sneaker collaboration.

He added: “Life is great, kid. Stay focused and Don’t Let The Devil coerce ya!”

Killer Mike, EI-P – Don’t Let The Devil (ft. thankugoodsir) (prod. No I.D., El-P & Little Shalimar)

20 April 2023
3 Songs, 9 minutes
℗ 2023 VLNS, LLC., Under exclusive license to Loma Vista Recordings. Distributed by Concord.

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The jewels runners, the product of many cruel summers
And the description was fittin’, they say it’s two gunners
Slap chickpeas out your cheek until you drool hummus
Left the scene in Hellcat Scream ’cause we don’t do Hondas
But we do Benihanas, takin’ your baby mama
She hostage me in the Hummer, she kiss it to pay me homage
She work it like I deserve it, she move like the perfect pervert
They say Mississippi burnin’, I’m sippin’ syrup eatin’ sherbet
Watch the world go to Hell as I’m laughin’ sayin’, “It’s perfect”
Catch me after Sunday service disturbin’ the churches workers
Tell the deacon we ain’t speakin’, need money, his prayers worthless
I can tell through my alertness he’s nervous about his purchase
Ayy, in the name of Jesus, the reefer, I serve a purpose
My guy higher than the sky, as he fly over earth surface
Flyin’ satellite height as I’m lookin’ at earth’s circus
Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t let the devil coerce you
It’s so hard
Oh no, don’t you let
It’s so hard
Oh no, don’t you let
It’s so
Bad to meet me, A to K-er sprayin’ the greedy
You should’ve brought the Uzi, oopsie, I’m a doozie
How you movin’? One of two in, super groupin’
Gorilla glued up to the cash, couldn’t lose it
Good gacious, motherfuckers really not dangerous
Any pussy that hate ’em simply facin’ erasure
Jaime for mayor, vote for the brain filet-er
Be a AR, spray the radar down invaders
Fame destined, the piggy dissection connection
Put necks in, grip and afflict tension, upper rope elbow to plexis
No mid smoke, upper smoke, only the low would make an exception
BrookLanta Lord bless us, snipers at the Nexus
Lifers come and check us, we next still?
Goddamn the game, it ain’t fair, thoughts and prayers
Shut the fuck up, put your hands in the air
It’s so hard (Run The Jewels)
Oh no, don’t you let
It’s so hard
Oh no, don’t you let
It’s so
Shut the fuck up, Run The Jewels
Don’t let, let the devil coerce
Devil coerce
Oh no, don’t you let
It’s so-

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