Kingna Scott – VA Sway (ft. Pusha T) (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2022-06-23

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Kingna Scott calls upon Pusha T for the new piece of music titled “VA Sway”. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the song.

Kingna Scott Va Sway

Kingna Scott Va Sway

Pusha T has extended his music exec. efforts beyond G.O.O.D Music over the past few years. The rapper announced the launch of his own label Heir Wave Music Group in an effort to shine a bigger spotlight on the homegrown talent in Virginia Beach. This year, he’s increased his efforts by collaborating with local talent. Last week, he teamed up with Al-Doms for “HA HA.”

Now, Push has returned alongside Kingna Scott for an ode to their stomping grounds on “VA Sway.” Scott’s warm and soothing vocals evoke the feeling of home as she reflects on fond memories. Push’s verse looks at the city’s future with an optimistic take on how the talent will carry the legacy that he helped create.

Kingna Scott – VA Sway (ft. Pusha T)


[Intro: Kingna Scott]

[Verse 1: Kingna Scott]
Ooh-ooh, if I could sum it all into just one
I love you, I need you, I’m never gon’ leave you
Waking up to the morning sun never felt so good to me (Good to me)
Even when I had no money or a little bit of food to eat (A little bit of food to eat)
Going to my granny’s house to see, to see what she had cooked for me
Watching floor model TV, Price Is Right, Little House on the Prairie (Yeah)
Every day, it was the same routine
Grandchildren runnin’ in and out of the house, yeah
And grandma yelling so much
That she forgot what she was hollerin’ about, yeah
And the game of hide and go seek turned into hide and go and get it
At night when the sun go down, all the projects kids be at the playground

[Chorus: Kingna Scott]
Ain’t no sound like the one in my town (Like the one in my town)
We get down, baby, we get down (We get down, get it down, we get down)
Homegrown love and it’s all around (It’s all around, all around)
Where I stay, this is where I lay (Where I lay)
We get down, this is VA sway (VA)

[Post-Chorus: Kingna Scott]
Yeah, you like, ooh child
I dig your style
This here so fire
Nightlife, club life, summertime
Some people come to VA to get away
We out here on the east coast
Every night, every day
There must be something in the water
They say Virginia is for lovers
You don’t have to go if you wanna stay in

[Verse 2: Pusha T]
I’m the soul of the seven cities, yeah
But so much more being represented
The culture moving forward
To make a brighter day for our sons and our daughters
That’s the moral of the story
The land so historic
Black colleges where the scholars get supported
The best athletes, so the league can’t ignore it
The biggest stars in the music biz have recorded
This is VA

[Verse 3: Kingna Scott]
Let’s go for a ride through the countryside
Where the beauty resides
Can I make it to the fish fry
Back to my auntie house in no time (No time)
The energy is so high
The DJ is so live
To the realest (To the realest) and the illest (And the illest)
To the dreamers, the believers

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