KXNG Crooked unveils the “Teddy” song

Date 2023-08-24

Category Foreign Music, New Music

American rapper, KXNG Crooked releases the new “Teddy” track.

KXNG Crooked, known for his exceptional lyrical abilities and extensive rap career, has released a new single titled “TEDDY.” Having established himself as a member of the rap group Slaughterhouse and as a solo artist, Crooked’s skills in rhyme schemes, flow, delivery, and attention to detail have made him a standout in the rap game.

“TEDDY” is a YouTube-only release where Crooked narrates a powerful story. The song revolves around the life of a boy named Teddy, who starts out innocent but later falls into the grip of drug addiction, including substances like Percocet and Lean. Crooked presents Teddy’s journey, from his early days to his struggles with addiction and his eventual triumph over it.

The song carries both a touching and aggressive tone, showcasing Crooked’s ability to convey deep emotions while maintaining a captivating and energetic flow. The narrative and storytelling element of “TEDDY” makes it an engaging and impactful track that resonates with listeners.

Throughout his career, KXNG Crooked has collaborated with a wide range of artists, from legends like Eminem and Tupac to contemporary talents like Russ. With “TEDDY,” he continues to use his platform to tell compelling stories and connect with his audience on a personal level.

KXNG Crooked – Teddy

21 August 2023
1 Song, 3 minutes


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