Papoose – “Overrated” (ft. KXNG Crooked) [Audio, Lyrics]

Date 2021-06-09

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Off the “May” album by American rapper and songwriter, Papoose is the song, “Overrated” featuring KXNG Crooked. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download the song.

Papoose Overrated

Papoose Overrated

Papoose – Overrated (ft. KXNG Crooked)


This is reckless rap they telling me i
Need to chill i’m killing [ __ ] with
Single deals smoking on that atlantic
Record pack
Yeah and fighting ass rappers i hate the
Most you a walmart wheezy you a fake ass
Rain ghost
To say the quickest alphabetical
Slaughter catch a l when the k is close
Right behind you
Let me remind you me and my [ __ ] will
Find you and rewind you to a time when
It was a drive-by but now we be doing
Them drive-throughs
Serve you out the window in the bazooka
And ruger fry you
Like ken when he had duke and ryu who
Can alter the prophecy
Got him see you gotta sacrifice a goat
On the altar to talk to me and then he
Thought to offer me crossing me like a
Martyry going on a coffin spree
We often beat with more bars than a law
The [ __ ] looking for the sickest chick
Gotta make me come come come again with
The wickedness nick and the licorice
Dick is the snickers flyer than icarus
Meanwhile you just hyped a ridiculous
Life oh my god he snapped
Oh my god it’s beat slap oh my god in
Capital letters cause your tweets cap
Delete that we don’t need that
This is nate thomas wilson she rap get
The streets back
Massive with them toasters bless them
Who the closest savage and atrocious
Ratchets with attachments and them
Crashing in the rovers laughing at your
Soldiers the way that work be stretching
You’ll think the crack was doing yoga
Clashing with them jokers bastards in a
Coma clap them in the show to blast them
Then i stashed it in the sofa
They had this to the culture rap that
Isn’t kosher spazzing on them cobra
Slashed them then i passed it to the
I’m mad that this is over had to get
Some closure school of hard knocks with
A graduates ain’t glad to get diplomas
These rappers sniffing coker brag they
Get exposure but i’m more
Passionate and vulgar talented walking
In a club slapping a promoter love my
Baby 380 so much i strap it in the
Corey psycho my niko i’m as hot as a
Pyro maniac brainiac if it’s beef i’m
Making a chair
We all go through ups and downs
Everybody got high lows but it’s all
About balance feels like i’m walking a
Gotta kick like it’s tybo gone with the
Infrared light show that nina tucked in
My gut like a fupa i might need lipo i
Get drunk as a wino keep a gun like [ __ ]
I’m explosive as nitro glistening going
Viral never make a real one feel trapped
That’s protocol when we don’t got
Nowhere else to go
We go to war you be living outside of
Your means i know you paul
Every time you walk into the bank you
Overdraw it’s not a rumor
That you [ __ ] with police i know for
Sure you always stay close to the jig
Like logan paul
War wire when you wasn’t informed you
Told the law and you were wired when you
Got snuffed
Broke your jaw stare you down with a
Crooked out brooklyn got though i put up
I can’t kill me i wouldn’t die if you
Could’ve you wouldn’t try soaking blood
That wouldn’t dry insecure plus you
Shook a shot fake softer than putting
Pot none of y’all ain’t as good as i i’m
The truth and i wouldn’t lie
Outside while you stood inside spin your
Whole block my hooded slot all of your
Hood boogers cry if you look in my book
Of rhymes every verse every hook is why
Strong as the hand of jesus when he
Healed the bird that couldn’t fly
My gun like a camera lens either zooming
Or looking white focus never gets put
Aside cause the rules of the hood
Applies if you drop your food on the
Floor we don’t practice no foolish cry
God make dirt and dirt don’t hurt we
Either kiss it up to the sky
Heated goat he the king he
Pop perks he said he got streams he
Look at his watch look at his chains

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