Lil Bibby – Lettin’ Up (ft. G Herbo & Lil Durk) (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2020-11-08

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Throwback to Lil Bibby’s “Lettin’ Up” featuring G Herbo & Lil Durk. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by DJ L Beats.

Lil Bibby Lettin' Up

Lil Bibby Lettin’ Up

Lil Bibby – Lettin’ Up (ft. G Herbo & Lil Durk) (prod. DJ L Beats)


Ain’t a nigga on Earth that can mess with us
All my niggas on top we ain’t lettin up(x2)
We ain’t lettin up(x4)
Ain’t a nigga on Earth that can mess with us
All my niggas on top we ain’t lettin up

[Lil Bibby]
We ain’t lettin up
They can’t mess with us
Say two words and that tech’ll bust
These fuck boys keep testin us
30 clip in that weapon
Big toys like Xmen
Young boys so reckless
We’ll fuck around and get hectic
I’m ridin round’ my city
Challenge him with that hemi
Boss shit like Diddy
I got 30 shots in that Semi
So if any nigga come near me
And fuck around and get emptied
Prada kicks 450
That street shit just in me
Bitch I brought my gang too
So you gotta fuck my gang too
Wheels black, my Range blue
Nigga I ain’t changed I’m the same dude
On the same shit in a new whip
Got new clips got the same crew
Call my Glock
Transformer let this bitch fuck around change you !


[Lil Durk]
Block hot, got the feds shook
Lamron back to Fazoland
Real niggas doing alot of drills
Off a lot of mollys, like 10 of em
Homicide keep questioning me
Keep asking me bout Herb n em
30 shots, got 30 shots
But I used 10 like Bibby n em
Fair case I’mma young nigga
Nick Cannon with that drum nigga
Lil Durk be alot of dram
Baby hang around them young niggas
Chicago bitch, this is my shit
You wife a ho that’s doing dicks
2013 ass nigga, yall niggas just started doing hits
OJ he like Mayo nigga, that 30-30 gon’ KO niggas
Last time a opp tried, that white tee turned [?]
Breaking bricks like lego nigga
My rastas with me barbados nigga (2x)


[Lil Herb]
Ain’t a nigga ever made that could fuck with me
I’m mixing Hen and Ace of Spades I can’t fucking see
But im still wearing Louie shades, I’m so fucking flea
These bitches see me, they go cray like they in love with me
It’s Lil Herb dawg, miss me with that nerd talk
My shotties got them eagles built, don’t make me send that bird call
Cuz this shit’ll get lethal quick, run up on you leave you stiff
R hit you, you better hope god with you
We gon’ send yo squad with you
Pussies, so don’t get caught slipping
Red and black maybach I call it Rick Ross pimpin, we winnin
And if a nigga run up on me Smith and Wesson’s bust
Durko go and kill his homies, we ain’t lettin up !


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