Lil Migo – Sergeant (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2021-11-28

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Watch the music video for the “SERGEANT” song by Lil Migo, produced by Holly Beats. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy, mp3 download.

Lil Migo Sergeant

Lil Migo Sergeant

Lil Migo – Sergeant (prod. Holly Beats)

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Missing the money, I miss when I’m thumbing
Give me a rush when I’m stacking them commas
Give me a rush when I’m flushing a bundle
Meet at the trap watch it jump like Jumanji
Meet at the spot watch the count watch the block
I was that nigga that climbed to the top
I was that nigga that went set up shop
Stand in the kitchen but not whipping pots
Breaking the scale, money counters
Thumbing through racks count this shit for some hours
When you get money that shit come with power
Look at some niggas I know that they sour
Smelling my weed that shit hit a lil louder
Earned all my stripes and I didn’t need a voucher
Covered in water like I took a shower
Pat on the back make myself a lil prouder
Sending me texts through the phone asking me what I’m doing why I ain’t come home
I was just stuck in the streets in the zone
Getting the money this shit in my bones
Do what I wanna do baby I’m grown
Playing with me but never thinking you wrong
Pack all of my shit out the door and I’m gone
Sad to say your heart ain’t where I belong
Tired of that fussing
Makeup then we get to fucking
Choking you while you just suck it
Put it in slow, grabbing me why you running
Nigga like me came from nothing I had to go hustle and work me a double
Steady just piecing the puzzle, I finally done made me a way out the struggle
Look at the watch hit up and it’s two toned
Look at the car I drive nigga I own
Look at the money I got on my own
Everything I say I promise I shown
Everything I say that shit is a fact
Everything you know that shit is intact
Picky top 5 you know it’s no match
Everything I got I built from the scratch
Say this shit come from the heart, quiet lil nigga but you know I’m smart
Heavy lil nigga but I got my guard
Wounds on my skin plenty times I been scarred
Cop out I lie every time take my charge
Hop in a cat bet that bitch super charged
She wanna fuck cause a nigga in charge
Came in the game and I move like the sergeant
Move like the sergeant
Move like the sergeant
Move like the sergeant
Nigga I move like the sergeant

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