Lil B – I Am George Floyd (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2020-06-05

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Listen, stream, mp3 download, buy, read the lyrics to “I Am George Floyd” by Lil B. The song was produced by Uptown Greg.

Lil B I Am George Floyd

Lil B I Am George Floyd

Lil B has a voice that will always be heard. He releases new music at a high clip but, this week, he re-focused his efforts and spent much of his time online with his fans, sending light and positivity during this insanely difficult time. He usually tends to make a statement in his art and in his latest release, he comes through by requesting reparations and naming a list of victims that have been murdered by police.

“I Am George Floyd” is the new track by cult hero Lil B, running for just over 7-minutes as the rapper calls out the names of his brothers and sisters that have been killed by police in recent years. He goes on to send a powerful message with each line, making sure to contribute to the cause.

Lil B – I Am George Floyd (prod. Uptown Greg)


I’m George Floyd
I’m George Floyd
I’m George Floyd

[Verse 1]
So much blood spilled on the pavement
I can’t forget the lives they took, fuck being famous
I’m George Floyd with the beard and the dreadlocks
Forget the dreads, just locks, don’t stop
I’m Eric Garner, John Crawford
Michael Brown, Ezell Ford, Dante Parker
Michelle Laquan McDonald, George, man
Tanisha Anderson, Akhee, that’s my fam
We all kin, no matter the color of your skin
Tamir Rice
Jermaine Read, Matthew, AJ
Frank Smart and Natasha
Give it up for the ones that’s gone, not forgotten
I’ma keep it going, they feel me stopping
Tony Robinson, Eric Hill, Mya Hall
Phillip White, Walter Scott, please stop
Why the police keep busting shots? Using their force to kill
You got a badge, please kneel
Show respect and honor
It’s a metaphor to show you humble
Protect and serve, turn the locked up and kill
William Chapman, Alex Christian
Brandon Gland, Victor LaRosa
Jonathan, Fred Blue, Joseph, man
God damn, it’s still happening
I don’t feel safe again
Getting pulled over, start sweating and shaking
[?] I’m tapping in
Sandra Bland
My heart hurt to see how it all would end
I am Sandra Bland
I am George Floyd
DJ Screw in Texas, I love you
Shout out Trae the Truth
Albert, Darius
Billy Ray, Samuel, Michael, and Brian, ended up dying
From systematic violence
Forgive me for being blind when we need an eye
I know I could do more than post a tweet and cry
You in this song now, immortalized
Christian, Troy, [?] Felix, [?], Keith, Junior, Lamontez Patterson
Dominic Hutchinson, Anthony, Alonzo, Tyreke, [?]
Lavonte, he could’ve been my neighbor
I can’t breathe, will you watch when my life’s in danger?
Just recording on the phone, show it off to strangers
On another note, fuck breast cancer
Fuck all cancer, no respect for the devil’s dances
But we keep on dancing, moving to life’s patterns
Wearing white clothes, God bless Nas’ mother
I said we all coming home
God’s sons and God’s daughters, we all got a place (Yes)
And if you feel forgotten, you got some space
Shout out to Michael and Jamal
Richard and Nathaniel
Billy, Miguel, Michael, Noel
I said Kevin, Betty, Quintonio, Keith, Janet
Wilson, Joseph, Kaylee, Deshawn
Marco, say it loud
We say it proud
Looking down
I said they looking down

[Verse 2]
Peter Gains, you know Tory
Darius Robinson, Kevin, Mary
Demarcus, William Tilman
Terrell Thomas
Alton Sterling had a great smile in pictures
He’s human, don’t forget that God wit’ him
I’m sad because George Floyd
I said it ’cause I’m George Floyd
I’ma be a black man until I can’t no more
One day, maybe we get some reparations
Education, already stopped segregation
We came a long way but we got more to do
I’m a bridge, connecting me and you
Philando Castile, you just standing still
I’m George Floyd with the life I live
Terrence, Paul, [?], Jordan
Eric Bailey, [?] Stephen Clark
Sacramento, stand up, you not in the dark
From the south to Old Park, we all dark
We black, lease spread love, stats, facts
People told me pull over ’cause my tats, and I’m black (Damn)
I’m just speaking these facts, but why is that?
Black lives do matter, yes, I am
I am black
Antoine, Bobby, Pamela Turner
Dominique and Tatiana , Christopher
Then another Christopher
That’s my middle name, that’s a damn shame
Black folk, thinking it’s a damn game
I’m just George Floyd
Switch my name
I’m a black man, it’s hard to say
Reminded me I’m a nigga by the things they say
Cops killing blacks in broad day
Ain’t reason, man, what’s the reason
Michael Dean, Breonna Taylor died sreaming
Trayvon Martin, we gotta get even
My name’s Lil B, no, I’m not a boy
I’m just a black man, my name is George Floyd

I live this black experience daily
We gotta stop the police brutality against unarmed black people
Stop the judgement, we all human
What’s up with some reparations? Just off the strength of love
I love everybody, man, and I wish peace and no violence
Let’s preach that non-violence
It’s your boy, Lil B, I do know the BasedGod
I am George Floyd
I said I am George Floyd
I love y’all
Black out
New Lil B music coming soon, real art

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