Lupe Fiasco – Not A Costume (Audio, Lyrcis)

Date 2021-11-02

Category Foreign Music, New Music

Lupe Fiasco is here with a piece of new music titled “Not A Costume”. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Lupe Fiasco Not A Costume

Lupe Fiasco Not A Costume – Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images

Dropping “Not A Costume” at the very last minute, Fiasco gets a couple things off his chest, including some commentary about the COVID-19 vaccine and the controversy surrounding it. Starting his nearly-two-minute freestyle with a nod to Jay-Z’s recent induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (“Congratulations to Jay-Z // In the Hall of Fame, ha”), Fiasco spits over Hov’s “Hovi Baby” instrumental, a call back to 2002 and The Blueprint 2.

With numerous double and triple entendres littered throughout “Not a Costume,” Lupe flexes his lyrical prowess. And much like he did when he assured Tyler, the Creator that he is still here back in September, the “Kick, Push” rapper proves exactly why he is held in the same esteem as some of the greatest spitters of all time.

Lupe Fiasco – Not A Costume


Yes yes
Spooky out
Happy Halloween, yah
Congratulations to Jay-Z
In the Hall of Fame, ha
Boo, spooky nigga
Yeah, uh-huh

He can be so cold-blooded
Colorblind when he bang
High [thugged?]
Black and white appetite
Blood dripping from his fangs
You can see it, synestegic
Broke the microphone
Go and get this bitch a cane
[?] minutes minutes [?] cane
For the popo
Strawin’ that bitch’s neck
Sippin’ her like a margarita made out of arterias
I’m oughta eat her
Deeper than a [?] pizza from Chicago, nigga
Werewolf got [Jasper?] graphics in his hairdo, ow
Devil can’t handle any curses
I went to Halloween as a vaccinated person
Boo, beware the niggas from the west
Might scare nigga to death, bless
Might just impair a nigga for wreck
Why not? Do noob sinot
On a nigga [?]
Turn his ass into a cyclops
Pull a high top on his high top
Keep trying, that other eye is gon’ get blinder than I got
They say they don’t like cops
They lying
If I pull up with the .9
They gon’ be on the line for the swine like it’s IHOP
You’re really in a bind op
I’m Frankenstein with the mind, top gun
Mind of a pilot, climb [?] and start flying
Shiny and [?]
Fine for thirty-nine
Look at all of this rhyming that I got
Undermining the [?] plots to overthrow
Close the blinds on the Mayback and rode

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