Maxo – 48 (ft. Pink Siifu) (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2022-08-09

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Musical artist, Maxo releases the new Madlib-produced piece of music titled “48”, featuring Pink Siifu.

Maxo 48

Maxo 48

Maxo – 48 (ft. Pink Siifu) (prod. Madlib)

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[Verse 1: Maxo]
I’m tryin fly, it’s like feet to the floor
In my thoughts holding things I adore
But I can’t stay there, cuz time moves
Had to grow into my shoes
The 11 fit cool but the 12 do me right
Window down at the light
Thinking to myself, bout this life
Like I wasn’t just with vic every night
Workin for a dream we ain even see coming
All I know is keep runnin, so I did
My heart full of fear but ima die if I don’t live
Eyes closed, jumpin tryna peep where I land
If I don’t make it out alive Ima die where I stand
Smoke paint my name in the clouds
Trace the sand, know it ain’t the same
Trouble on my brain, trace the lines in my head
Shooting for the moon, landing on a star
Knowin if its true then its lead to what I need
Reaching in my dreams, feel like a nigga can’t swing
Seeing what it seem, seepin in the creek
Past the souls on my feet (Souls on my feet uh)

[Verse 2: Pink Siifu]

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