Mike – What Do I Do? (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2022-11-09

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Mike releases the music video for the new “What Do I Do?” song produced by dj blackpower. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the track.

Mike What Do I Do

Mike What Do I Do

New York City-based rapper MIKE is one of the most promising lyricists in the alternative rap scene. He garnered a lot of critical acclaim for his 2021 album Disco!, and his upcoming album Beware of the Monkey seeks to capitalize on it. Its latest single, “What Do I Do?” is a moody and ethereal cut following last month’s “nuthin i can do is wrng.” He also handles production on this cut (like much of his catalog) under his alias dj blackpower.

MIKE is well-known for his ghostly and often atmospheric production, where vibes overpower drums to propel a track forward. He’s been developing that style since projects like 2018’s Black Soap and War In My Pen. “What Do I Do?” is no different, built off of a slowed down and fuzzy vocal sample repeating that phrase. Some faint drums appear, but they take a backseat. More than anything, they are there to make sure you don’t get totally lost in the song’s universe.

This new track’s instrumental pallet is quite the contrast from his previous single “nuthin i can do is wrng.” That song has a mostly untouched soul sample chopped to make up the entire beat. What’s more is that the sample is untouched, but MIKE’s voice is heavily distorted and manipulated. It’s almost a complete role reversal, while still fitting in snugly into MIKE’s wider body of work. We hope Beware of the Monkey brings more contrasts and fusions that he’ll bring to life on his upcoming tour.

What the album will surely have, however, are introspective and compelling verses from the 24-year-old MC and producer. His refrain on “What Do I Do?” begs a question. “If you gave me all of you, would you tell me ‘What do I do?’” MIKE seemingly wants to be trusted by someone and for them to allow him to help. It’s an interesting sentiment considering the verses, which see MIKE feeling complacent and waiting for retirement. It’s an odd message to crack, but his lines are vivid enough to make you want to read deeper in.

Mike – What Do I Do? (prod. dj blackpower)

3 November 2022
1 Song, 2 minutes
℗ 2022 10k

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What do I do?
Gave me..
If you gave me all of you
Would you tell me..
Yeah, uh huh

It’s 10k, you know the vibe
What you saying? Just stayin’ alive
Get complacent, be faded a lot
It be bait, I be takin’ my time
Shit was sacred, you trade it for guap
Been with Jada and Red is inside
Did me lame, but it’s better for size
You could change, it could never surprise me
All this pain of it dead is behind
It was strange, but it never defined me
Overcame, ain’t no regular guy
Think I blame it on reckless environment
I forgave, had to set it aside
Built a wave, I say I inspired it
Ain’t the greatest at taking a lie
I can’t wait in debating the size
Just counting the days ’til retirement
It ain’t paper, I pray it aligned
No amount being paid, we pirated
All that doubt, and I hate to remind
I’m not outlet, I came through the wiring
All that mouthing be aimless and tired
Getting vouched, but ain’t meet the requirements
They kept doubts, and my name in the fire
We can ‘spire, shaking the vibe
In the Heights, baked with AKAI
It be slimy and shade intertwined

If you gave me all of you
Would you tell me, “What do I do?”
If you gave me all of you
Would you tell me, “What do I do?”
If you gave me all..
Would you tell me..
If you gave me all of you
Would you tell me, “What do I do?”
If you gave me all..
What do I do?

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