Oxlade – KU LO SA (remix) (ft. Camila Cabello) (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2022-12-09

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Oxlade is assisted by Camila Cabello on his call for intimacy on the remix of “KU LO SA” produced by Ozedikus. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the track, mp3 download.

Oxlade Ku Lo Sa (remix)

Oxlade Ku Lo Sa (remix)

Nigerian sensational singer, songwriter, and performer, Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman, popularly known as Oxlade, has released the teaser for the official remix of his buzzing tune, ‘Ku Lo Sa’

The chart-topping single, which eventually became a viral Tik-Tok challenge, was the most-shamed song in France, racked up over 100 million streams across all platforms, and achieved other mind-blowing milestones.

Maintaining an impressive run in 2022, from kickstarting the year with the beautiful tune “Want You” to serving the COLORS rendition of “Ku Lo Sa,” his biggest career hit so far, to releasing a groovy single with Mayorkun titled “Bad Boy,” the singer is about to cap the year with a mind-blowing feature.

Oxlade announced the new feat via Instagram live, alongside Cuban-born American singer and songwriter Camila Cabello, who revealed they collaborated on the remix.

Oxlade – KU LO SA (remix) (ft. Camila Cabello) (prod. Ozedikus)

9 December 2022
1 Song, 2 minutes
℗ 2022 Troniq Music Limited under exclusive licence to Epic Records France


[Intro: Oxlade, Camila Cabello]
Ozedikus nwanne
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh oh, ku lo
Yeah, yeah, uh

[Verse 1: Oxlade, Oxlade & Camila Cabello]
So many reasons wey I wan dey for you, my love (Love)
Na you I want to retire with my love, oh
See all the li ku ku things you do dey make me nono (Nono, oh no)
This distance is taking a hold of me for sure
Baby, come

[Chorus: Oxlade, Oxlade & Camila Cabello, Camila Cabello]
Ku lo sa
Omo I want make we dey (Ku lo sa)
Girl I want make you (Ku lo sa)
Go lo lo
I for like make you (Pull over)
Oh, no
Ku lo sa, oh
Omo I want make we dey (Ku lo sa)
Go lo lo
Girl I want make you (Ku lo sa)
Oh, no, no
I for like make you (Pull over)
Pull over, come on, pull over
Ku lo sa, oh

[Verse 2: Camila Cabello]
Wait, wait, wait for you all the time (All the time, all the time, I’m)
What you got make me late to work all the time (Hmm, I, I)
Be gentle on my mind and all over my skin (All over my skin)
Where the hell have you been?
Gentle on my mind and settin’ fire to my skin
I keep smokin’ the cuban

[Verse 3: Camila Cabello]
See me on TV while we’re ridin’ high
And with you I’m ridin’ the bungaloo instead
I pull you close when you hit the spot and
Boy, you never I never fake for no one, na, na
You know I’ll never fake for no one
What you see is what you get
So pull over, come closer (Pull over, ku lo sa)
Make you forget you had an ex (Ku lo sa)

[Chorus: Oxlade, Oxlade & Camila Cabello, Camila Cabello]
Omo I want make we dey dey (Ku lo sa)
Omo, girl I want make you (Ku lo sa)
Baby, I for like make you (Pull over)
Oh, baby, oh no, no
Ku lo sa
Africa from Miami, yeah (Ku lo sa)
Take a flight to Oxlade (Ku lo sa)
Come to Lagos but don’t wanna stay, ay, ay, ay (Pull over)
Ku lo sa

[Outro: Camila Cabello, Oxlade, Oxlade & Camila Cabello]
Oh, no, baby, oh, no
It’s like you’re everywhere, I’m goin’ loco
I’ll make a young boy go loco
I’ll make a young boy go loco
Baby, oh, no (See, I never trade you for nothing)
Baby, oh, no (Ku lo sa)
You make a young boy go loco (This love making me dey stunting, ku lo sa)
A young boy go loco
You make a young boy go loco (Without you I no fit do nothing no, ku lo sa)
A young boy go loco
Eh le le, le le (Ku lo sa)
I never trade you for nothing (Ku lo sa)
This love making me dey stunting, oh (Ku lo sa)
Without you I no fit do nothing no, nothing (Ku lo sa)
Omoge tell me what is up gaan
Ku lo sa

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