Papoose – Cap (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2022-06-24

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Papoose unveils the new Bangladesh-produced piece of music titled “Cap”. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the song.

Papoose Cap

Papoose Cap

Papoose comes through with his latest collaboration alongside Bangladesh title, “Cap.” Bangladesh cooks up a soulful instrumental and Pap flexes the extent of his wordplay through the word “cap.”

Papoose – Cap


It’s too hot to be capping
You wearing that dirty baseball cap
Before you drink your bottle you open up the cap
If you had a job you’ll have a salary cap
Keep playing with me and I’ma pop a cap
In your ass, that’s a fact, you all cap
Every time you type on the ‘Gram you use caps
‘Cause all of that shit you be typing is all cap
That’s why they call your captions captions ’cause you cap
You stay capping, that’s a fact
You stay screaming gang gang gang but what you jack?
You say you gon’ catch me lacking, I never lack
What is that? Be exact
Matter fact, that shit is all cap
He kneel for the national anthem, shout out to Kap
Fuck the police, the sergeant and the cap
They want me in captivity but not pap, never that
That shit is all cap

I used to sell capsules back when I sold crack
But thank God I changed my life, got outta that
Now I’m just capitalizing off of rap
Captivating on a track
You say you riding around town in a Maybach
But I seen you ride in a whooptie with hubcaps
Write my own rhymes, I collect ASCAP
That’s a fact, you all cap
Everything I’m saying to you involves cap
‘Cause everything you say and you do is all cap
I been toting straps since Bloods was screaming blat

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