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Mpmania Mix 39

Plies – Look Like (ft. Jeezy & Fabolous) (Audio, Lyrics)

Throwback to the track by Plies titled “Look Like” and featuring Jeezy & Fabolous. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by Dynamic.

Plies Look Like

Plies Look Like

Plies – Look Like (ft. Jeezy & Fabolous) (prod. Dynamic)


[Plies talking:]
Bruh bruh I know a bitch be looking at me when a bitch be seeing me jumping out of these big wheels
They be seing all these diamonds on a bitch bruh bruh I know what people be saying
“God damn he look like he sell dope”

Big stones round my neck VVS’s hoe
Quarter million dollar whip look like I turned pro
Shirt match the shoes, don’t I be styling bro?
I’ll be god damned look like I sell dope

[Young Jeezy:]
Blue plastic cup, with that vodka in it
Fo’ door po stains with that choppa in it
Look like my Porshe been shopping it got new shoes on
It almost look good as I do with all my jewels on
Choppa cost $100 came with 50 shots
100 karat bracelet it cost me 5 blocks
New Era fitted $39.99, forty of the same ones, 39 forty times
And Jeezy’s watch is fresh, denim cost half a stack
Got some [?] denim cost me half a crack
Pull out every dollar in my pocket just to buy the smoke
I’ll be god damned look like I sell dope

[Hook 2x:]

Loso I still got that d-boy with me (Ay Plies what it look like homie there it go)
What up son, what it look like
Look like I sell dope, maybe this hooks right
It could be that its true, maybe I’m at it too
This Audemars on my wrist should be tatted too
I ain’t selling dope baby im selling hope
You can’t see that I’m a star then get your telescope
My shawty mama always looking at me sideways
I keep on pulling different cars up in her driveway
They see a nigga bread, so it might trigger feds
I tell they hatin ass to do like Biggie said:
“Rhyme a few bars so I can buy a few cars
Then I kick a few flows so I can get a few hoes”

[Hook 2x:]

What’s up bruh bruh, May 25th bruh
I know what the fuck you thinking I look like a drug dealer
That what my partner thinking how to wack the judge nigga Threw so much money in this bitch
Coulda bought the club nigga
And if I ever go broke I’ma rob the plug nigga
Police followin me he think I sell chickens
All these diamonds on me think they come from the kitchen
Ask me where im going told em I’m going fishin
Headed to the strip club finna catch me some bitches
12 noon im ridin quarter million dolla car
Straight hood nigga feelin like a fuckin star
Drank cognac smellin like the fuckin bar
From the looks of the watch he must be sellin boy
All dis money homie must be a d-boy
Buyin by the 2’s talkin bout the fuckin joy
Fuck em by the 3’s talkin bout them fuckin whores
It 2 o’clock in the evenin he must be unemployed


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