Quavo – Honey Bun (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2023-04-01

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American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer, Quavo releases the music video for the “Honey Bun” track featuring Al Geno & AyoRay. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the track, mp3 download.

Quavo Honey Bun

Quavo Honey Bun

Quavo is someone who has been through a lot of personal tragedy as of late. Just a few months ago, he lost a family member and best friend in Takeoff. Subsequently, there was a lot of chatter about how he would be able to continue his career. However, the Atlanta artist has done solo work in the past, so there were reasonable assumptions that he would be back with some tracks of his own. Following some tribute tracks, Quavo began teasing a new menacing-sounding single called “Honey Bun.” If you have been following Quavo on social media, you know that he was very hyped about this release.

Moreover, there were some rumblings that the song could feature Yeat. Honey bun is a saying that Yeat says in a lot of his tracks. Not to mention, he even left a reply on one of Quavo’s social media posts. However, the song has officially been released, and it is clear that the rapper has kept the track for himself. When you consider the subject matter at hand here, it is totally understandable as to why he would make that decision.

Immediately, you can tell that Quavo sounds focused on the track. His energy is immaculate as he delivers a menacing flow that complements the dark production. Furthermore, he drops some bars about his emotional state and how he has nothing to smile about. He is clearly angry about things that have taken place, and he is channelling that into his music. Early in the song, you even get a nice Drake interpolation that we won’t spoil for you. You will know it when you hear it.

At the time of writing this, there is no telling if and when Quavo will drop a new solo album. However, it is known that he is making music again, and if he keeps down this path, we are in for some legendary stuff.

Quavo – Honey Bun (prod. Al Geno & AyoRay)

31 March 2023
1 Song, 2 minutes
Quality Control Music/Motown Records; ℗ 2023 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Al Geno on the track
Yeah, yeah, huh

[Verse 1]
What the fuck they thought, nigga? (What the fuck they thought?)
I just jumped up out the fuckin’ vault, nigga (Go), huh
Niggas singing like Diana Ross, nigga (Soo)
I don’t wanna hear no sorry for my loss, nigga
Fuck it, do some, I just put my roof on it (Put that house on it)
I don’t give a fuck about no big homie (Fuck ’em)
No Huncho, no, fuck it, I’m back on it (Chill out)
Everybody know just how we act on it (Go)

What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? What’s up?
Ain’t gon’ run, I got that strap on me (Grah)
What’s up? (Yeah) What’s up? (Yeah) What’s up? (Yeah)
What’s up? (Yeah) What’s up? (Yeah) What’s up? (Yeah)
What’s up? (Yeah)
What’s up?

Honey bun, can you do somethin’ for me? (Do somethin’)
Can you go automatic just for me?
Tommy gun, can you do somethin’ for me?
Can you call Al Capone for me? (Brrt, yeah)

[Verse 2]
I got a reason to slide, I got a reason to ride (Say what?)
I got a, I got a reason to slidе, I got a reason to ride (Uh, get out)
How can I comе outside, without no mask on? (How?)
They wanna see my emotions, I ain’t smilin’ at all (Fuck ’em)
I bought a bulletproof Humvee, it could take down a wall (Skrrt)
Tactical mechanics end up paying off (Brrt)
They don’t want me talkin’ like this gangster, at all (Uh, uh)
They’d rather see me on TV playin’ basketball (Fuck that), huh
Hell nah (Hell nah), huh, fuck all that (Fuck it), huh, I’m back
No more Hollywood, just bring me back (Hi), huh, huh
I just got a hundred bricks like hack a shack (Bando), huh
2014 Huncho is back

Honeybun, huh, huh, huh, huh (Honeybun, Al Capone, yeah)
Tommy gun, huh, huh, huh, huh (What, can you call? Al Ca-Al Capone, brrt)
Huh, huh, huh, Huncho

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