Queens Cast – The Introduction (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2021-11-02

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The Introduction song features the Queens Cast, Eve, Naturi Naughton, Nadine Velazquez, Brandy & Pepi Sonuga. The song was produced by EZ Elpee, Grady Spivey III, Swizz Beatz & Sean C. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Queens Cast The Introduction

Queens Cast The Introduction

“The Introduction” is a rap cypher featured in the pilot episode of the ABC musical drama, Queens. The song is performed by the fictional group, Nasty Bitches and rapper Lil’ Muffin, where all of the women boast about their lives, success, and downfalls.

Queens Cast, Eve, Naturi Naughton, Nadine Velazquez, Brandy & Pepi Sonuga – The Introduction (prod. EZ Elpee, Grady Spivey III, Swizz Beatz & Sean C)


[Intro: Brandy]
Check it out, check it, check it out
‘Bout to show y’all what this bitch is all about

[Verse 1: Brandy]
My pen game is Saddam Hussein to your brain
So insane, I got him in chains like a slave
Never been afraid, go against the grain like a fade
A renegade, I blew up the lane like grenades
I been the best of the best and the rest just slain
Gave you all the hits, now let me give you this pain
I’m a top charter, the top of the top shotta
I pop a lot of lip, I’m that bitch, the shit starter, uh
Now what you know about writin’ every rhyme?
Spittin’ every flow and bodyin’ every line?
I body everybody, my body of work shines
When it’s all said and done, I’m the greatest of all time
Now, bow to the queen of right now
Wow, you actin’ like you don’t know my style?
Wow, you bitches want beef? I bring the cow
When Xplicit come through, watch ’em all back down

[Refrain: Naturi Naughton]
Yo, yo, all right
I’ma come in right here, hold up
Wait, I got it, I got it
Uh, check it

[Verse 2: Naturi Naughton]
Young and reckless, they called us bitches and hoes
Only God can judge me, ’cause Heaven only knows
It’s harder to live right when you living in sin
I used to think the best thing in life was chasing men
The preacher’s daughter, I wanted fame and the glory
But I ain’t trippin’, ’cause it’s all part of my story
Papa don’t preach, I know it seems wild
I’m not in trouble deep, I’m God’s child
I could have the world at my feet and do it right this time
I’m taking the right path and let my light shine, so
Dear Father, forgive me for my sins
But I’m chasing my dreams ’cause I was born to win, uh

[Verse 3: Nadine Velazquez]
Born to win, Jill, you so right
It’s a queen’s thing, baby, we bad bitches for life
I been around the world, forty days, forty nights
Forty carats, forty chains, Miami Vice
Butter Pecan, all real, forty mill’
Forty acres, forty cars, and whip appeal
P. Sex to my left, what’s the deal?
Let’s hit a villa in Bali, champagne and chill
Top of the world, top floor, penthouses
Lobster and shrimp, one dinner is ten thousand
Tell Xplicit, we goin’ to whenever
September or November, October or December
Ha, I coulda ended that better, but whateva

[Verse 4: Pepi Sonuga]
I really, really work my body sittin’ in my Bugatti
Chillin’ while I’m killin’ Hibachi, drippin’ Versace
Trippin’, I’m a nasty girl in a nasty world
Make the classiest and ratchets wanna take a nasty tour
Was an introvert and muddy, but I’m in the dirt
Now my same bullies gotta ask me for a picture first
Flip a verse, did it work, still on top
Went from the block to the Billboard charts, and I still won’t stop
Smooth as the Land O’Lakes, you, you’s a fan of me
Feet cocked, I’m sittin’ on the couch watching Anime
A big watch with a big chain, a big house on Biscayne
I switched out that big lane
My big mouth got big fame, I been that

[Verse 5: Eve]
They say you can’t make a hoe a housewife, I beg different
Grey sweats turn into lingerie in a minute
Proud Mary, proud mommy, I does it all
Made it through the struggle, stumble but never fall
Look, you wanna see me humble? I want the crown
Sky’s the limit, can’t keep a good mom down
Gave my soul to you, body and all of the above
In the end, you was lookin’ for a teenage love
I’m a queen though, I glow, kick him to the side
On my Mary J. Blige shit, I’m not gon’ cry
I’m a grown ass woman, need a man, not a boy
Tricks are for kids, and you can never play me like a toy
After everything I gave you, cooked for you, bathed you
I was every woman and I never would’ve played you
But too bad, you lost the best you ever had
And I’m still fly, I bring the beach to the sand
I keep the upper hand, drop jewels like I’m Jacob
Time for me to put back on the heels and the make-up
Back up with my girls, no time to waste
P. Sex, Nasty Bitches, always in first place, ha

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