Reminisce releases the new “E.N.K.R” track (+Lyrics)

Date 2023-08-12

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Nigerian rapper and singer, Reminisce unveils the new song, E.N.K.R (E Ni Ku Re) produced by Phantom.

Nigerian rapper and singer, Reminisce, has once again taken the music scene by storm with his latest release, “E.N.K.R (E Ni Ku Re).” Produced by the talented Phantom, this new track showcases Reminisce’s versatile skills as a musician and his ability to deliver captivating music that resonates with his audience.

A Melodic Journey

“E.N.K.R (E Ni Ku Re)” takes listeners on a melodic journey that is both catchy and impactful. Reminisce’s distinctive voice and delivery are complemented by the expert production of Phantom, resulting in a seamless fusion of sound.

Infectious Vibes

The song’s infectious vibes are impossible to resist. From the moment the music starts, listeners are drawn into a world of rhythm and melody that demands attention and encourages movement.

Lyrical Brilliance

As an established rapper and singer, Reminisce brings his lyrical brilliance to “E.N.K.R (E Ni Ku Re).” His words are thoughtfully crafted, delivering a message that resonates with listeners on multiple levels.

A Dynamic Collaboration

Phantom’s production prowess shines through in “E.N.K.R (E Ni Ku Re).” The collaboration between Reminisce and Phantom results in a track that seamlessly blends lyrics and beats, creating a dynamic musical experience.

A Captivating Narrative

The song’s narrative is both engaging and relatable. Reminisce’s storytelling ability shines as he weaves together lyrics that tell a captivating story, drawing listeners into the world he creates.

Innovative Sound

“E.N.K.R (E Ni Ku Re)” showcases Reminisce’s willingness to explore innovative sounds while staying true to his signature style. The track is a testament to his ability to evolve as an artist while maintaining his authenticity.

Energetic Rhythm

The energetic rhythm of “E.N.K.R (E Ni Ku Re)” makes it a track that is perfect for dancing and moving to the beat. The song’s groove is infectious, ensuring that it will be a favorite on dance floors and playlists.

Production Excellence

Phantom’s production excellence is evident throughout the track. The meticulous attention to detail, expertly layered sounds, and skillful arrangement contribute to the song’s overall impact.

A New Musical Chapter

With “E.N.K.R (E Ni Ku Re),” Reminisce has embarked on a new musical chapter that continues to solidify his position as a respected artist in the Nigerian music industry. The track’s release is met with anticipation from fans who eagerly await each new release from the talented rapper and singer.

A Memorable Release

“E.N.K.R (E Ni Ku Re)” is a memorable release that showcases Reminisce’s ability to create music that resonates with a wide audience. The track’s fusion of melody, rhythm, and lyrics make it a must-listen for fans of Nigerian music and beyond.

An Exciting Future

As Reminisce continues to captivate audiences with his musical offerings, “E.N.K.R (E Ni Ku Re)” serves as a testament to his enduring talent and his commitment to delivering music that leaves a lasting impression. With each new release, he further solidifies his place in the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide.

Reminisce – E.N.K.R (E Ni Ku Re) (prod. Phantom)

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7 August 2023
1 Song, 1 minute
℗ 2023 LESROSESROUGE ENTERTAINMENT, with exclusive license to ONErpm


Ehen, won ti spell e pe
Eni ku re
Moti jinde se mi o kumo
Omo langidi mo duro
Won pe owe but won mo itumo
If you don’t gerrit ya kuro
Oja daddy Alhaji ni mi, mo lo mecca
Koda mo tun ge Gorimapa
Mo man ramju mo kala gaan
Ti awon omo ba binu man mi was gbo ratatata
Awon ti wole moti Sanwo school mo ko kuro n le kin le ba ti yin je
Ina Taena kali Kauthar don’t take the piss man mi kin man lo ba ti yin je o
Oja daddy Eyan lobaloba
Elastic ni se man it’s rubber rubber
Aso funfun nene bii ti oshofa shofa
Ojo ti fe ro better take cover cover
No face so no case, otherwise I show face
Pussy nigga gat no place
Otherwise I burn down the whole place
I put in work and I gbope
These other nigga kin Jose
Fuck shit up ’cause I don’t care
Oja daddy don’t go there

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