Wale & DJ Money – Lions, Bengals, Bears (Freestyle) (Audio, Lyrics)

Wale & DJ Money - Lions, Bengals, Bears (Freestyle) (prod. Dante Carter, Chad Paul & DJ Money)

& collaborate on “Lions, Bengals, Bears (Freestyle)”. Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by , & DJ Money.

Wale & Dj Money Lions, Bengals, Bears
Wale & Dj Money Lions, Bengals, Bears

Monday night drop-offs aren’t as popular as those Friday entrees, but we have a new one from Wale and DJ Money. The latter tackles the smooth-as-butter beat on “Lions, Bengals, & Bears (Freestyle),” while Wale takes the reins lyrically, spinning lyrics with NFL references that compliment the track’s title. This stand-alone single doesn’t completely come as a surprise to those keeping up with Wale on social media as one of his most recent posts hinted that new heat was on the horizon.

“Droppin new music is therapeutic,” the mental health advocate penned in a tweet alongside a video of himself vibing in the studio to the single.

Wale & DJ Money – Lions, Bengals, Bears (Freestyle) (prod. Dante Carter, Chad Paul & DJ Money)

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[Intro: Wale]
[?], I know my babe
But in this love, they don’t get the game
Why does it feel like those who get in, they only losing the game?
Just ’cause I love you and you love me
It doesn’t mean that we’re meant to be
I can climb mountains, swim across the seas
But the most frightening thing is you and me


[Verse: Wale]
Lions, Bengals, and Bears, none of my guys’ scared
Chase [?], anyone of them guys there
Wayne young and he hungry, I pray we patient with him
I pray he leave with some money, I pray he leave with his health
Yeah, uh, the physical and mental
The thing I love ’bout football is: The stats kill opinions
This rap shit a [?], I ain’t ’bout to knock it
This hoes wanna buy my albums, it went to Prada
My pride being peaceful, but my peaceful’s gettin’ bothered
So now we got them evil, we got Carson

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