Young Chris – Yellow Flag (ft. Wale) (Audio, Lyrics)

Date 2020-06-21

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Listen, stream, buy, mp3 download, read the lyrics to “Yellow Flag” by Young Chris featuring Wale. The song was co-produced by Super Miles & DJMoney.Young Chris Yellow Flag

Wale and Young Chris get reflecting on the ruthless environments they were surrounded by on their latest record, “Yellow Flag.” Swapping verses every few bars, the pair of rappers deliver an introspective record as they detail everything from poverty to issues with women. DJ Money and Super Miles cook up a soulful beat with a touch of 90s R&B for the rappers to go in on. Though Wale carries a triumphant tone in parts of the song, the song is ultimately filled with moments of pain. Young Chris shows moments of vulnerability and anger as he details the commonality of death, the cause-and-effect of street violence, and trying to make it out. Overall, it’s a record for the purest with Wale and Young Chris showcasing their penmanship before anything else.

Young Chris – Yellow Flag (ft. Wale) (prod. Super Miles & DJMoney)


[Verse: Young Chris, Wale]
I could be your lover
Out in public though, I gotta be your brother
Don’t need ’em to think of her
Okay, you can be my girl
Flick bird at the informants
City girls cool but she fruitful as any farmer
Truthful, ain’t too religious but prey on niggas that want her
I pray the woman I like get right with my baby mother
Like Annalise Keating, she is decent, still kept a body like

Used to hustle out the marquees, built the stash in the caddy
Poverty had me, success grabbed me
Raised in the streets, the absence of my daddy
Hustle substituting the computer, I’m corner savvy, mm
Dirty Harry, you could bloody Mary
Family funeral, no Tyler Perry
Six homies to carry, cemetery to bury
Creepin’ where you sleep like the ferret, don’t lose your teeth
Yeah, my soldiers is militant
Military, we do retreat, this shit deep nigga
Yeah, you street fightin’ like [?] trigga
Shoutout Maleek, you gon’ die if you don’t eat nigga
Elevate all times, watchin’ the streets trickle
Down nigga, you clown niggas ain’t me nigga
I’m god-gifted, I’m different
I’m complicated, they simple
My competition been constipated
See y’all only shit though it’s hard shit you ain’t been through
Y’all [?]
You far far from official
I got bitches that brag for me
You braggin’ a [?] yellow flag where it is (Brrrt)

[?] calibers filled with extensions
AK filled with bananas, guerillas peelin’ them bitches
Knee deep in the trenches, fiends stickin’ syringes
For my ninjas in the yard where they barbwire the fences
I’ma kill every guard in position and the witness
Just need the drop to the exact location, attack formation
Send ’em to maintenance, leavin’ vacant while vacationin’
That’s what happen when you leak information
Know we two of the best
Quit imitating, nigga, show some respect (Take the good)

[Outro: Wale]
I take the good with the bad (Yeah, hmm)
I give my niggas my last (Yeah, hmm)
This here is two of the best
You may not hear what I hear
Just know, I said what I said
And second guess your respect
I take the good with the bad (Yeah, hmm)
I give my niggas my last (Yeah, okay)
This here is two of the best
You may not hear what I hear
Just know, I said what I said
And second guess your respect
Yellow flag, show respect,

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