Ant Man: Paul Rudd’s kids are ‘excited’ he is in Marvel movies

Date 2019-10-19

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Paul Rudd became a member of the Marvel franchise when he was cast as Ant-Man in 2013, which benefited his kids in a surprising way.

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“[They’re] big Marvel fans,” the actor, 50, told Us Weekly and other reporters of Jack, 13, and Darby, 9, at the Living With Yourself premiere on Wednesday, October 16. “They’re excited to see all of the movies and truthfully just want to know what Tom Holland is like. Really at the end of the day, I’m just their dad.”

The Friends alum said something similar in June 2018, telling Us that the little ones have always been more impressed by craft services than his movies.

“I’m still their dad so they move onto the next thing pretty quick,” the Clueless star admitted at the time. “They’ll come to set and they’ll think it’s cool and they’ve seen the suit, but then once they’re there, they just want to know where the table with the free candy is. They’ll grab one or two things and then want to leave.”

Rudd wed Julie Yaeger in 2003 and started growing their family three years later. Raising Jack and Darby actually prepared the New Jersey native for his Living With Yourself role in a surprising way.

“When my wife and I first had a kid, we learned that, ‘Oh wow, we can do a lot more with less sleep than we thought,’” he explained to Us on Wednesday. “I was reminded of that when we started shooting this thing.”

The Netflix star was immediately attracted to the project, which features Rudd and a “better” version of himself, when he read the scripts, he revealed. “I thought they were funny and inventive and I loved what it was talking about, this weird existential dilemma. Certainly, the idea that I would get to play two parts was something I’d never done before and I thought, ‘That’ll be new. I’m excited to attempt [the challenge].’”

Rudd didn’t have to gain or lose weight for the double roles and filmed them simultaneously. “I would change sometimes a few times a day,” he explained. “A lot of that is done with posture and the clothes are not so fitted. Posture [also] does a lot.”

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