Exposed: Secret About OmaWunmi’s Baby Dady

Date 2013-11-09

Category Gist & Gossip

Hehehhehehe…No need to wait again, as you all would know the real Baba Kamillah tonight!
 Let me drift a little from the story and gist you small… You see i used to knew Omawunmi from way back when we were in secondary school back then in Warri, she was my senior then sha, and we were both in Press (abi na Primrose) club then. I remember aside being somewhat strong headed…lols….she used to be very good in all these art things…(*more for later*)

      Okay! back to my story, i know a few people may know who the Father of her daughter Kamillah is (it is more of an open secret), so let me give you al the gist about him. The guy Formerly co-owned the popular but now defunct club in Victoria Island known as Zamunda Lounge.  His name is Oluwatosin Yusuf and the interesting gist here is that Omawunmis daughter is his third child out of Wedlock! As in, already previously have two babies. Olofofos are claiming that Yususf was even previously engaged to an Igbo lady, who he was said to be crashing with on regular basis inside the club before meeting the singer, and on meeting the singer he dropped her like a hot piece of yam and ran after our Omawunmi…. hmmmm! If you still doubt Mr Yusuf is the papa of her child, this would be the final convincing point… She christened her daughter Emmanuella Kamillah Yusuf…. Now that isn’t a coincidence na…
….I HAVE HIS PHOTOS OH!, but i won’t post them….lols… I leave that job to her…. If you are really deseperate to see them, biko romance Google small….hehehehhehehe

  I know you’ll would love this expose and it is exclusive to this blog oh! If you follow news closely, by now you would know that the identity of singer Omawunmis baby papa is still shrouded in secrecy as she is yet to reveal him officially! People have been speculating that he is a wealthy man from one of these aristocrat families that are too ahamed to claim the baby openly, some are saying she snatched her best friends husband yet many believe the baby belongs to a Gorvernor, who i woud not mention here (…lols..). Hmmmm! All na gist! Just read on, and by the end of this post you would know and confirm who the baby papa is! I made this post to help her clear the air… Biko the controversy of who the baby belongs to is choking us all, and we all need some fresh air na, abi?…. She actually took to twitter about a week ago to share the photo above with the tag “Baba Kamillah, Kami and Mummy… I wish I cld share more. Thank you so much for your patience. Clearer photos and good news sooner than you know. God is always good.”…


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