Mike Tysons $1.5m Massive Vegas Home is Up for Sales

Mike Tysons New $1.5m Massive Vegas Home Has No Tiger Cage“Wanna live like a champ? Got $1.5 million?  Then you can buy Mike Tyson’s huge Las Vegas palace … that looks like a modern boutique hotel.”


Tyson has lived in the 5,800 square foot pad since 2008 but has decided it’s time for a change — moving out of the 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom mansion for a bigger place down the road.

But the old house ain’t too shabby … 3 fireplaces, a wine cellar, media room, hot tub, infinity pool and a WATERFALL in the front entry way!

Tyson’s realtor, Ken Lowman, says the whole place was remodeled earlier this year — and looks awesome.

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The only thing that’s missing … there’s no real tiger cage like the one he supposedly has in his home in “The Hangover.”

Bummer …

The Movie; The Hangover (at Tyson’s House)



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