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Over 50 Hide after 12 Men were Ambushed & Circumcised by Force in Moi’s Bridge


’12 men underwent forceful circumcision over the weekend at Moi’s Bridge town in an event that drew masses in the Rift Valley town. The men from Luo, Turkana, Iteso and Luhya communities were ambushed after word went round that they had not undergone the cut, Kenyan Daily Post reports.

The wives of the 12 men leaked this after they complained of dissatisfaction in bed and poor hygiene. The men mostly drivers were circumcised in the middle of the road with no option of anesthesia to reduce pain.

One of the women identified as Ann Njeri said that she was happy that the husband had been cut because she is now assured better and fresh experience as far as s*x is concerned in their marriage.

The men who circumcised them said that the exercise will continue in the area throughout the month of August which is usually a circumcision season to ensure that all men are initiated from boys to men.

The 12 were given Sh. 3,000 for treatment and meals of balanced diet so as to heal faster.

Meanwhile, over 50 uncircumcised men living within Moi’s Bridge town are camping at the police station for fear of being circumcised forcefully like their friends.’

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