Sources Say Iyanya Was Bounced At Davido’s Birthday Party


Hmmm, I don’t know how true this is but i saw it going viral on blogs. Source claimed Iyanya was bounced at Davido’s party. From what we gathered, Iyanya wasn’t invited to Davido’s party since only those invited were allowed to go in and those who weren’t invited must call either Davido or one of HKN members. Please read the gist below.

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     That question has left many tongues wagging. Iyanya was bounced at Davido’s 21st birthday party which held at Pavada Lounge Thursday night. Witnesses said, most people who weren’t invited where not allowed to get in, and if you must, you must call one of the HKN group members, who will come out and take you in. Most people who felt they should be in, called Kamal, a member of Davido’s group who was always in and out taking guests in. But when Iyanya got to the entrance, the bouncers said he couldn’t get it. People around told them it was Iyanya, but the bouncers still refused and said if he must get in, he should call Davido or Kamal. Iyanya tried making a call, but no one p!cked, he got angry nodding his head as he left. A lot of people didn’t understand what was going on and it soon became a hot topic among guests at the party. Now, this is an inside gist and it’s so true.

Na wa for this kind birthday party… all these Nigerian celebrities and their issues. Well Nigerian blogs can fabricate things from nowhere just to gain traffic… No smoke without fire*

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