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Mpmania Mix 39

“This Is What I Would Do If My Man Cheats On Me” – Cynthia Morgan


The no-holds-barred dancehall act says she is never eager to physically hurt her man if he cheats, but would rather make him hurt by her success.

Call her the queen of ‘not giving f*cks’, Nigerian dancehall act Cynthia Morgan is one who doesn’t hold back on her need for expressions – good or bad.

The ‘Baby Mama’ singer has revealed what she would do if her man were to cheat on her.

Sharing an Instagram clip of a lady seemingly on a murderous mission on her boyfriend who had cheated, Morgan simply laughed off that form of revenge by saying she would rather hurt her ‘cheating’ man by her success.

See what she wrote in Instagram below:-

‘This can ever be me Tho,’ Cynthia wrote alongside the short clip, adding, ‘I Never Stress. Ama just write a couple of more chilled records that him, his hommies and his new girl will always be fan of and watch them stalk me and my tour dates for the rest of deir lives… What I am saying is young girl don’t stress, never stress #Workhard, Pray…and watch him be a fan. #Itsneverdatdeep‘==================Make sense? People like them go extra miles when their man cheats on them..

Its easier said than done. lol… Drop your comments.

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