Woman Marries Dummy, And He Died Days Before Wedding

Date 2013-11-07

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Wedding Outfit: The mannequin wore what the deceased would have worn on the day

Wedding Outfit: The mannequin wore what the deceased would have worn on the day

A heartbroken woman whose boyfriend died days before their wedding decided to get married anyway – to a shop dummy.

Sanja Seke, 21, was looking forward to years of wedded bliss with her 29-year-old fella Igor but her hopes and dreams for the future were shattered when he died of a heart attack just before their wedding day.
She said of the shocking news: “We had been together since I was 16, and all I wanted to do was spend my life with him.

When they told me that he had died of a sudden heart attack I just couldn’t take it in, my life over the last two years has been like a living nightmare.
With the event in the Serbian town of Sid planned and paid for, Sanja decided to get married anyway and used a mannequin dressed in Igor’s wedding suit as a stand-in, saying it was the next best thing to actually getting married to her boyfriend.

Sanja said of her big day: “My friends mentioned to me that perhaps if we had been married and had fulfilled our dream things might have been different, and that was when I decided that perhaps I should just go ahead with the wedding anyway.
“I had already organised a dress, so I just sent out invites to his family and mine and everybody attended. Everything was really great.”
Rather than be downbeat about everything that happened, the bride and guests tried to make it a day celebrating Igor’s life.
Sanja added: “We tried to make it a joyful affair and a celebration of his life and for me it was all about completing something unfinished so that I can move on. I hope that now I will be able to move on with my life.”
The ceremony also included music by their favourite singer and a local priest to conduct a special ceremony to help Sanja find closure.


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