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Have you ever listened to a song and wondered what made the artiste sing it or even come up with such a song in the first place? Has a song also kept you so hooked that you find yourself singing it all the time? Also has a particular song inspired or motivated you in one way or the other?

Most love songs usually stem from heartbreaks or deep emotional feelings but what about gospel songs and inspirational songs?

» What drives them?
» What instigates them?
» What makes them relevant to us
» What makes us love them?


Join on as these are some of the the stuff we’ll be delving into.

Let’s profile Gospel songs, inspirational songs and even hymns together. You will also have a chance to talk to artistes behind most of these songs you hear as they tell us what made them put these songs together.

Singspiration Zone with Abimbola comes up every Sunday night on 105.1 from 8pm – 11pm.

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