Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Now In Cinemas

Date 2018-12-17

Category Entertainment

What do you get when you have not one but five different Spider Man characters in one movie? SPIDER MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE!!!
Spider Man: Into The Spider-Verse is an entertaining family movie based on a super hero adventure full of teachable moments that appeals to parents and kids of all ages.
The movie is a very playful and pop culture savvy one that delivers a funny, heartwarming and fresh flavor in a comic style animation.
SPIDER-MAN : INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE tells the story of teenager, Miles Morales who is bitten by a radioactive spider and suddenly develops mysterious powers that transform him into Spider-Man.
He must now use his newfound skills to battle the Kingpin, a hulking madman who can open portals to other dimensions.
This then causes him to  cross over and team up with the Spider-Men of those dimensions to stop a threat to all reality.
SPIDER-MAN : INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE is a reminder of what superhero movies can be when handled with love and care as it is full of energy, humor and action.
This is definitely the the Spider-Man film you’ve been waiting for based on the Marvel Comics character and produced by Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation.
Started showing in cinemas in Nigeria since December 14, 2018 courtesy of Silverbird Film Distribution WA and will be a wonderful treat for the whole family so be sure to go watch it in cinemas.
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