Toke Makinwa appreciates fans patronizing her brand

Date 2019-07-24

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To all those making OAP and entrepreneur, Toke Makinwa smile to the bank, you are being appreciated even in ways words can never express.

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Your support and feedback makes the fashion and beauty enthusiast want to do more as she has revealed in the post here,

Read it for yourself:

This post is to say thank you to all the people that rock with the TM brand, my Nigerians in diaspora, you all are the real deal. Thank you ❤️. Thank you for your support, each time I get feedback from brands I work with it makes me want to do more, you convert my influence to profit. God knows this year has been such a struggle internally, i keep so much in, I’ve mastered the art of picking myself up and just moving forward. I’ve had major wins which I am soooo grateful for and I have had low blows that would have taken me out but for God. Thank you all for putting your money where your mouth is, thank you for making me bankable. When I say I am your influencer’s influencer, it’s all about how you guys convert my life to cash. I am grateful 🙏. To every girl out there with a dream, to everyone fighting for a chance, don’t you dare give up, it’s easier said than done but I promise you amidst all the setbacks, your breakthrough is coming. Stay focused, stay prayed up and stay on top. Love TM



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