4 Lessons Learnt From The ”#SecSchinNigeria” Trend

Date 2015-08-14



“Nigerians, like members of any other society are bounded by various elements. Notable among them are: Religion, Tribe, Ideology, Political parties, Universities, Socccer Clubs and various other affinity inducing establishments. However, one experience that can be said to be common to most Nigerians is the Secondary School experience. It is a period of rapid growth, the time of fun, adventure and learning that shaped the trajectory of many.”SecSchInNigeria-MPmania-4

Like most events, we can derive some Life’s lessons from the humorous, comic, witty and even from some downright ridiculous memes that pervaded the Nigerian cyberspace last week.SecSchInNigeria-MPmania-10

1. The Timetable of Life Has No Timetable

One thing is constant, you will undergo challenges and impediments on your journey in life. The magnitude of yours might be different from your neighbor, but you would have some.SecSchInNigeria-MPmania-7

The way your teacher springs a surprise on you to give you an impromptu test that is the same way life springs its own surprises. Your ability to come out unscathed from the examinations of life, be it; mental, academic, financial, spiritual, career-wise is dependent on your preparation before those examinations are set. Your own examination might be in form of that Interview, that presentation or the business opportunity.

What are you doing today to tip the odds in your favour?SecSchInNigeria-MPmania-5

2. You Have To Be Aware Of Your Environment

This is an absolutely essential skill in Life. You must understand that daily,opportunities are literally flying around looking for whoever is sensitive enough to pick them.SecSchInNigeria-MPmania-3

There are Acres of Diamond everywhere; deals are being closed daily at every corner of the country. Your ability to be able to discern the right information amidst all the noise the society generates will to a large extent determine the kind and quality of opportunities you avail.SecSchInNigeria-MPmania-11

3. Patience and Diligence Profit much

You will have had a classmate who at one time or the other, left an examination hall boasting of his intellectual prowess and how he decimated the examination questions, only for him to find out, he didn’t turn the last page of the paper.SecSchInNigeria-MPmania-9

In Life, you must learn to be diligent, scrutinizing even the tiniest of details so you don’t get into trouble.

At work, in your personal life and all other facets, you must learn to always be patient and see the details before you dot your I’s and cross your T’s.SecSchInNigeria-MPmania-8

4. Learn To Be Independent

When in Secondary School, some students planned-even with more precision than the technical team of super eagles on how to sit during an examination, with the sole aim of ‘exchanging ideas’. However, this backfired when their friends turn their backs on them during the examination.

In life, in as much as you should always leverage on personal relationships to achieve your goals, you should also  develop your competency level, strengths and other positive traits, so you can ride the waves, whenever you are let down by friends, acquaintances, colleagues and family alike.SecSchInNigeria-MPmania-12

Sometimes you just have to dare the challenges and go at it alone, the greatest inventions and discoveries of our world, were birthed as a result of the doggedness of individuals, think: Columbus, The Wright Brothers, Einstein, Henry Ford, Martin Luther King, Ken Saro Wiwa, and Nelson Mandela.

Life in itself is a huge lesson taught in bits and chunks.While these memes brought back to memory what we experienced in Secondary School, this post clearly points how we can learn from them.

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