5 Ways for Guys To Quit Masturbation

Date 2015-04-25



As a diverse writer, I have been questioned a lot of times on my take on mastur-bation which I always refer my answer to what Chris Okotie said ” Masturb-ation is not a sin ” but if you always have that ( I need to gain my dignity back ) thought after you cum then you really need to stop ‘self-help’ .

Here are some ways to guide you through.

1. Rubber band
Place a rubber band around your wrist. Every time you get the urge to mastur-bate, fl!ck the rubber band. This will eventually condition you to associate masturb-ation with the pain, thereby deterring you from the act. The mere thought of masturb-ation may even cease to cross your mind.

2. Distraction
When you get the urge to mastur-bate, qu!ckly engage in an alternative activity. Whether you p!ck up a book or go have a cold bath , participate in anything that will successfully distract you from your desires.

3. Replace that pleasure with a different one
Find other pleasurable activities that bring you joy. Find an enjoyable hobby that requires your full attention. For example, if you enjoy video games, get a the new X-box 1.

4. Exercise
Jogging and other forms of exercise are a great way to take mastur-bation off your mind. Jogging will require your complete attention – from listening to your heartbeat to inhaling each new breath of fresh air. Masturb-ation will have no place on the forefront of your mind.

5. Quit P0rn and get a girlfriend
This is the most important of all solutions , delete all those files from Bangbus.com , cancel your subscription from p0rnhub.com , unfollow all those trapstars on twitter and instagram, don’t engage in se.x-chat with your online friends. Go out and get a life, Get yourself a babe.

The immense pleasure derived from frequent masturb-ation can be extremely addictive. However, this addiction can become an obsessive activity that interferes with daily living. Furthermore, it may result in loss of se.x drive, depression, or even impotence.

-Joseph Abalokwu

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