#IYAC2017 Day 4 – Youth Alive Convention 2017 (Morning Session)

#IYAC2017 Day 4 - Youth Alive Convention 2017 (Morning Session)

# Day 4 – Full Message Transcript |

Message: Engaging The Power Of Discipline  For Your Enthronement
By Bishop David Oyedepo
Text: Eccles 10:1-15 Prov 31:4
One Of The Covenant Requirements For Enthronement Is Discipline
Amon was hair to the throne of David his father but he lost his destiny & his life
John The Baptist was the greatest Prophet but yet, there was no manifestation
John Newton was said, as the morning shows the day so does the child show the morning
What Is Self Discipline?
Self Discipline is your deliberate choice for the profitable above the acceptable 1 Cor 6:12 1 Tim 1:8
It takes self discipline to be accomplished in life
Operating as commanded and not as convenient
Operating as demanded and not as convenient e.g it is not
Self Discipline is being a law to one’s self in other to achieve the desired future Neh 5:14
It’s living under self set rules; 1 Cor 6:23
Operating without requiring supervision towards the delivery of a given task like David who stayed with his father’s sheep
Self discipline is a trigger to the potentials we carry
Benjamin Franklin only had two years of formal education but through self discipline, he became one of the greatest philosophers in American history and today, there’s a Benjamin Franklin day in America, same as Isaac Newton
Self Discipline Is Vital to determining the outcomes of their lives
Understand that we’re a people of equal destiny & God is no respecter of any person. We have equal access to any opportunitiesRom 10:12 Rev 5:9-10
We’re absolutely responsible for the outcomes of our lives because God calls us alone
I Cor 15:33 Be careful, evil communication corrupts good manners
God does not call groups but individual Gen 12:1-3 Psalm 76:1-2
God does bless groups but individuals
God does not empower groups but individuals
God does not enthrone groups but individuals 2 Tim 4:8
The Four Management Principles That Makes A Leader
▪ Self Management I Cor 9:27
You cannot be in school all your life but it takes self discipline to keep learning when there’s no one marking your scripts


It is great self managers that go on to become great leaders
All proven leaders are committed to learning
Self Management is key to self actualisation
▪ Time Management
A Year is made up of only 52 weeks
There’s the story of an individual who spent the first 1 year of graduation reading 600 books and 10 years later, he was worth 250 per hour
If your time is not budgeted you’ll waste it. Same way if your money is not budgeted it will be wasted.
This is your most fertile season-your planting season, if you miss it, you miss everything
Life is a school of lifelong learning
It’s important to invest your time while others may squander theirs if they choose
Those who make news don’t watch it
There’s nothing extraordinary on it’s own, it is people’s extraordinary impute that makes the difference
Access to the top is open but there’s always a price to pay for it
A lifestyle of diligence is the pathway to the top
Wherever connection gets you, a disconnect will take you away from it but wherever labour takes you, you remain there. Prov 22:29
Face your business
■ Resource Management
Every waster today, is headed for poverty Eccles 9:14-18
Every slothfull person today, is poverty bound Prov 18:9
This generation is wasteful, slothfull & shopping freaks
Poor management is one major reason for the poverty of the poor
When you’re not committed to sound financial management, you’re poverty bound
You don’t grow big to manage well, you manage well to grow big
Don’t eat all you have, have a reserve & a plan for all your expenditure
Go & give expression to sound discipline on leaving here
Go & build a your library for your success
Don’t run any business without learning about it first
Access information bases online for your growth
I studied 39 biographies of great ministries before starting mine
I studied several world class universities including: Oxford, Princeton, Havard…
Discipline yourself to manage your time & resources well
Don’t leave your life to chance or you’ll have no chance
Discipline is the soul of an Army, it makes small numbers great & it procures success to the weak & esteem to all.
Day Four, Morning Session (4/8/2017)
As Transcribed by
Ofili Uche
Freshers Coordinator, @Yafuwasota, Edo State
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