Reasons to avoid S*x With a Man With Big Manhood

Date 2016-05-03



So many women fantasize having s*x with men who are well endowed, but can they really handle it?

Here are a few reasons why you have to think twice before embarking on that journey.

When it comes to having good s*x, size is not the most important factor. But, having it big down there is a good thing.

However, it also has its very bad side especially for the women.

Here are reasons why you should not dream of having s*x with a man with a big manhood.

1. It can hurt very terribly. S*x with someone who has it big can hurt instead of increase the pleasure. Most women have shared their experiences and it is not palatable. Your entire v*gina area will be sore by the time you are done.

2. Sometimes the length does NOT make up for girth and they look too much like raw hotdogs.

3. You are frequently at risk for UTIs and feel like you have to pee with every thrust.

4. Forget about doing it doggie style unless you want your internal organs pounded.

5. You can’t give him head without it activating your gag reflex.

6. You’re scared to let him put it in your pooper for fear of Ana! prolapse.

7. He probably has to shift it around a lot because it’s uncomfortable and then he looks like a pervert playing with his junk all the time.

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