FavoriteBoy teases QuikPay, a blockchain payment system in the works

Date 2023-11-03


Edo state, also popularly referred to as the heartbeat of the nation is set to experience a revolution in gadget sales and cutting edge crypto systems, and it is all thanks to Serial entrepreneur and technology aficionado, FavoriteBoy.

Favoriteboy (6)

Favoriteboy (6)

Azenabor Favorite Emmanuel Idowu also known as favoriteboy was born and raised in Benin City, Edo State. From an early age, he has sustained an interest in gadgets and electronic devices, eventually launching a gadget sales business; Favourite Gadgets, with the sole aim of making the acquisition of mobile devices and accessories easier and cheaper for the common man. Favourite Gadgets have been upholding that standard since it was launched in 2021.

A graduate of Business administration from the prestigious Benson Idahosa University, also located in Benin city, FavoriteBoy is also the CEO of House of Ken Entertainment, which caters, organizes, and hosts events in and around Edo state.

When asked about the development of tech in today’s world and especially in Edo State, FavoriteBoy holds the opinion that Tech has come a long way. In his words, “Tech is now very improved and gets better every day. From the days when 10 megabytes of storage looked like tabletop refrigerators to today, where a thumb-size drive can store 10 terabytes of data, Nowadays, Tech is intertwined with our lives. Even here in Edo State.”.

FavoriteBoy also cites a passion for ease of doing business as the driving force behind his latest venture, Quikpay; a fintech and cryptocurrency payment app designed to streamline payments, saving time and cost of doing business for both customers and businesses.

When quizzed about the sudden pivot from gadgets and accessories to fintech, FavoriteBoy maintains his commitment to improving lives around him in any way possible. According to him, QuikPay aims to revolutionize fintech in Edo State. In his words, “I wanted to help people in Edo State access modern financial services and make it easier for them to use cryptocurrencies. We’re designing Quikpay to be really easy to use, even if you’ve never used cryptocurrencies before. It’s like using a smartphone app. We aim to solve the problem of limited access to banking and expensive remittance services in Edo State, Nigeria and even africa as a whole by providing a more efficient and affordable way to make payments.”

A launch date is yet to be announced for the QuikPay platform but FavoriteBoy promises it will be worth the wait.

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