KayCyy Releases “Laugh When You Cry (Shanghai Freestyle)” (Music Video)

Date 2023-11-03

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KayCyy releases the music video for the new “Laugh When You Cry (Shanghai Freestyle)” track produced by SHŌLZ.

KayCyy, an artist known for his involvement in Kanye West’s “DONDA” project, is making waves with his music. Following a collaborative EP with Gesaffelstein and his contribution to songs like “Keep My Spirit Alive,” KayCyy has dropped a new “Shanghai Freestyle” titled “Laugh When You Cry.”

Kaycyy Laugh When You Cry

Kaycyy Laugh When You Cry

The freestyle showcases KayCyy’s range, as he takes on a soulful beat with a blend of rapping and singing. The track features fantastic vocal samples, and KayCyy’s delivery adds depth to the piece. He’s been gaining recognition for his creative and unique approach to music, and “Laugh When You Cry” is no exception.

The song also comes with a music video that enhances the listening experience. KayCyy’s unique style and artistic vision shine through in both the track and the visuals.

“Laugh When You Cry (Shanghai Freestyle)” is another step in KayCyy’s growing career, and it’s a sign of more exciting music to come from this talented artist. It’s a must-listen for fans of creative and boundary-pushing music.

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