10 Tips To Make Her Scream Non-Stop In Bed


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1. Give her an 0rga$m before real s3x starts
For some women, getting an 0rga$m before the very act commences is one of the greatest turn ons they can ever get. And this is by far the biggest thing women wish their men did more of in b ed.

And sadly, most men don’t even try to explore this as they are always in a hurry to stick it inside and hump away. They clumsily plow straight to interc0urse as fast as possible without taking time to engage in serious f0replay. Their idea of f0replay usually consists of a few minutes of obligatory k!ssing, followed by another few minutes of obligatory [email protected] st!mulation, and their ultimate goal of interc0urse is reached. No woman wants this; it is as simple as that!

If you can give your wife an 0rga$m before you penetrate her, then it’s guaranteed to be good s3x in her book, even if you don’t last as long as you’d like. And on top of this, giving her an 0rga$m will make her more responsive and much more likely to have another 0rga$m during interc0urse. S3x becomes better for you, and for her.

2. Pay attention to non-obvious er0genus zones in her body
Most men, and I mean quite a large number of men, only pay attention to the obvious spots on a woman’s body when trying to give her $e.xual pleasure. Spots like the brea$ts, clit0ri$ and g– $pot are often attacked with the erroneous belief that this will set her in the right mood. But women don’t want men to only pay attention to these spots as they want you to pay attention to their whole body.

Research has shown that there are 16 other hidden er0genous zones on a woman’s body which can give her pleasure, and which can actually make her more sensi.tive to [email protected] sti.mulation.

Look for these hidden zones on her body and spend quality time working on them and she will be scr eaming your name in pleasure.

3. Lasting longer in b ed
Most women don’t mind if you don’t last that long in b ed, as long as you’re good with your fingers, because you will adequately compensate her by working your magic fingers appropriately and in the right places.

But women hate it when a man shoots off too soon because it prevents them from having 0rga$ms. How would you feel if a woman got you close to an 0rga$m, then all of a sudden stopped, rolled over, and went to sleep?

You need to know how to last 30 minutes in b ed at the minimum but if you really want to drive you woman wild, then you should learn how to last over an hour in b ed. And of course, you can have a quickie once in a while, but most of the time, women will need a minimum of 30 minutes of !ntercourse to have multiple 0rga$ms.

And by lasting longer in b ed, it includes all the works, the finger works, the cunni!ingus, the oral s3x, the r0mance and above all, the actual s3x itself.

4. Tease her until she begs for it
Again, it is no gain saying that most men do not spend time doing the ground work before the s3x begins. They just plow forwards directly to his goal of !ntercourse with no finesse, just doing the minimum necessary to get to pene.tration.

But what women want is for you to build up to a s3xual action with teasing until she’s practically begging you for it. And when you finally give in to her, she will be grateful to you all the time.

For example, with oral s3x, most men just dive right in. What would turn her on much more is if you kiss up her inner thighs, and breathe warmly on her [email protected]. Then, so lightly she can barely feel it, run your tongue over her cli.toris.

Do this until she’s pleading with you to give her more and then give her the gratification. She’ll enjoy it about a hundred times more.

5. More 0ral please..
A typical man wants his woman to give him the mind bl0wing bl0w j0b but they would be taken aback if their women asks them to go down on her.

Hey, do you remember the saying of doing to others what you would want them to do to you? If your woman can give you a bl0w job, I see no reason for you not to replicate same. If you know how to do it right, giving her 0ral s3x is the fastest and easiest way to give her 0rga$ms.

Once you make her come through 0ral s3x, she’ll be much more responsive during the real intercourse, and much more likely to go down on you. Give your woman plenty of 0ral s3x, and she will love you for it.

6. Turn her on with words of mouth
Women are sensitive beings and they like to hear what you men call sweet nonsense. There is no woman who does not like being complemented and told those sweet things but most men are afraid to say anything or make any noise in b ed because they’re afraid the woman will think they’re cheesy or weird.

But if they were privy to pr!vate female conversations, they would know the exact opposite is true. A woman gets bored with a man who is completely silent in b ed, because she doesn’t know whether or not he’s even enjoying it.

It’s a complete turn-off. Women want their men to tell them they are actually enjoying what they do with her. Think about it: would you be turned on more by a woman who lay there as silent and still as a corpse, or a woman who is scre@ming your name in pleasure and telling you she loved your cock?

You need to learn how to be vocal in b ed, and how to turn a woman on through s3xual talk.

7. Use s3xual eye contact more
Have you ever had an 0rga$m while looking into your woman’s eyes the entire time? It is one of the most intensely pleasurable experiences you can have. The s3xual eye contact heightens the feelings of pleasure and connection beyond anything I can describe in words.

And any woman who has experienced this before craves for more of it. Avoid the typical routine of turning off all the lights and just grunting and pounding away in the dark. Start to work some eye contact into your s3xual encounters, and see how much it turns her on. Of course, you have to learn how to do this in the right way but once you do, she’ll love it.

8. Pay attention to her after s3x
Some men just turn their back on their women after s3x and in twinkle, they are snoring off. Nothing is more killing than this. After s3x, a woman is completely open and vulnerable to you. Most guys squander this time by ignoring her after s3x, or by just going to sleep.

Women don’t ‘come down’ from s3xual pleasure as quickly as men though, so she’s going to want you to hold her and be close to her while she does. Believe me, she’ll enjoy s3x much more if you just spend a few minutes doing this.

Plus, what most guys don’t know is that after s3x is the best time to strengthen her s3xual bond to you, so that she wants to have s3x more in the future. If you’re doing the right things here, you’ll never have to beg and plead for s3x because her s3xual bond to you will be so strong she’ll be eager for s3x whenever you want it.

9. Get her to perform for you
Men are obsessed with putting in a good performance in b ed. And to some extent, this is not a bad thing because you do want to give her s3xual pleasure and 0rga$ms. But if you need to be performing for her all the time, then this can be a big turn-0ff for her. She wants a guy who can also set up situations where she can perform for him.

For example, almost all women love giving bl0w jobs if the guy can get her thinking about them the right way. And if you can get her to perform for you like this, it’ll be a huge s3xual thrill to her. Think about the rush you get from giving her a huge 0rga$m – this is what she’ll experience if you know how to bypass her inhibitions and get her to perform for you in b ed.

10. Learn how to give her 0rga$ms
Finally, be concerned about her 0rga$m and this is very important for her ego and your over all s3x life.

By combining all the steps I have highlighted, you will soon have your woman scr eaming her head off in b ed.

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